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Nursing Pharm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nursing Pharm - Essay Example maintain the desired anticoagulation effects, heparin must also be administered by intravenous infusion regulated by an infusion pump (Peterson et al., 2008). The therapeutic effect of heparin is appropriately measured by the activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) results. Since anticoagulation effects can be difficult to monitor because of individual differences in drug reaction (Smeltzer et al., 2010), aPTT is repeated more frequently in unstable and new clients to prevent complications due to under or over medication. Bed rest is one of the interventions to promote comfort in clients with DVT (Smeltzer et al., 2010). Furthermore, it is especially indicated to prevent the dislodgment of pre exiting thrombus into the bloodstream for high- risk clients. Aside from bed rest, careful elevation of the lower limbs is also helpful to prevent venous stasis and promote blood circulation. The use of infusion pumps maximizes safety measures in the client with DVT under heparin therapy (Peterson et al., 2008). In this case, the IV pump malfunctioned and resulted in the accidental administration of the drug in high dosages. Although the client does not show signs of bleeding initially, aPTT should be rechecked to determine the degree of possible adverse reactions. The drug administration should be discontinued temporarily to prevent further increase in drug level. Furthermore, protamine sulfate should be prepared as an antidote in case the client manifests excessive bleeding (Ignatavicius & Workman, 2010. The physician should also be notified

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How important was television and newspaper reporting in uncovering the Essay

How important was television and newspaper reporting in uncovering the 1972-74 Watergate scandal - Essay Example However, with due course of time, the media publication has emerged as a business to generate profit with larger customer base rather than focussing on its core value to provide information to the common audiences. Despite, these have been of great aid while uncovering a few noteworthy and significant facts regarding the society. One such remarkable incident in the early 1970s political history of United States was the infamous Watergate Scandal. The time frame of 1972 to 1974 is remarked to be the most significant and indeed the most remarkable in the political history of the US. It is during this period that the then president of the US democrat, Mr. Richard Nixon had to resign from his designation which was the only resignation of the US president in the political history till date. It happened during the mid of 1972 when political parties were on the mode to set their images for election programmes (Steven, 2006). According to the published reports, in 17th June, 1972 five men we re recognised trespassing in headquarter of Democratic National Committee, recording and incepting the telephonic conversations and other communications. In 15th September of the same year, two other men were accused of being directly related to the conspiracy and the infringement of the central wiretapping laws. By the beginning of the next year, it was revealed that all the accused seven people were employed by the Campaign to Re-Elect the President (CREEP). The fact fuelled the probability of the involvement of superior government officials in this case. In the mid of 1973, one of the accused men of the five, wrote a letter to the trial judge, John J. Sirica addressing a cover up of the event (Alumni Chapter, n.d.). The cover up incidentally was published in different media publications including television and newspapers. Consequently, the investigation got stimulated revealing certain major facts regarding the then political environment highlighting the role of senior governmen tal officials. Worth mentioning the fact that media publications revealed a series of events demonstrating political corruptions by manoeuvring the investigation. The facts which were revealed by the investigation until 1974 stated that John Mitchell, the then Attorney General had a secret fund amounted to almost $700,000. This sum of money was intended to be expended against the Democratic Party in the falsification of letters, leaking untrue information to the press and also pilfering campaign files. It also stated that most of the American Corporations, including the Gulf Oil Corporation, American Airlines, International Telephone and Telegraph contributed large sum of money to the ‘Nixon campaign’. Moreover, the instance also revealed that Nixon had assured the Watergate intruders to provide them ‘executive clemency’ in case they were incarcerated. He also assured them to reward huge sums of money. A piece of evidence also exposed that $450,000 was paid to the intruders headed by the order of Erlichman, one of the superior White House supporters of Nixon. Several other facts were also revealed which demonstrated the pressurising of the ‘Nixon campaign’ on the FBI officials, CIA officials and other investigating