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Information Technology and the University of Phoenix Essay

It was only recently that computers began to contribute to an emerging revolution in technology-assisted education. These machines provide an optimal means for storing, searching, and retrieving educational materials. Besides, computers are great for composing and editing written work. These machines permit self-directed and individualized instruction plus feedback in almost all areas of interest. So, e-learning and cyberlearning opportunities had to become a fad among the curious young individuals who had to find them irresistible (MacCormack and Jones, 1997). Adopting emerging technologies in educational settings has made instruction more effective and engaging (Barak and Fisher, 2001). And, the University of Phoenix happens to be a pioneer at it. Using Information Technology, the university has decided that it would continue to evolve and adapt to new challenges in the IT world. In other words, students at the University of Phoenix can be certain that their university would always use the latest in Information Technology to make the education experience even more fantastic. As it is, the IT world has made the University of Phoenix a learning organization, i. e. one that continually adapts and learns so as to respond to changes in the environment, and to grow (Learning Organization, 2007). Who would have thought thirty years back that an excellent education experience catering to people from all locations would be set up without having to relocate the people? By using IT to benefit a huge number of students, the University of Phoenix has, indeed, proved that it is possible to provide quality education at the computer terminal, especially for those students who INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND THE UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX are either too busy to attend a full-time educational institutions or just do not have the resources to attend one. The University of Phoenix is most certainly a high performance organization, and IT has contributed to its high performance growth thus. According to the theory of high performance organizations, the University of Phoenix is already a high performance organization, seeing that its focus is on people and their needs. A professional, for instance, who cannot attend a full-time educational institution would find that the University of Phoenix is a blessing. Moreover, a high performance organization must keep on concentrating on innovation (High Performance, 1997). Innovation is, in fact, a promise of the University of Phoenix, since the university will not settle for inferior quality Information Technology programs to conduct itself. Rather, as mentioned before, the university is expected to adopt any new technology that enhances the educational experience. Furthermore, the University of Phoenix accentuates its strengths through the use of Information Technology – another feature of a high performance organization. To put it another way, the university does not stress the need for the standard classroom experience when everything that is truly required for the educational experience is available at the computer terminal. Lastly, the use of IT at the University of Phoenix is based on leadership-trust, which is yet another characteristic of high performance organizations (High Performance). According to this concept, the university provides a virtual environment that the student can trust. The student knows, for instance, that his personal INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND THE UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIXÂ   information with the University of Phoenix would remain personal, despite the openness of the virtual world. Hence, the University of Phoenix is a high performance organization through and through. What is more, this great university is expected to continue as a learning, high performance organization for a long time to come. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND THE UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX References 1. Barak, Azy, and Fisher, William A. (2001). Toward an Internet-Driven, Theoretically-Based Innovative Approach to Sex Education. The Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 38, Issue 4, pp. 324+.

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How Walmart Can Improve Sales Essay

1. What strategies would you recommend to current CEO Mike Duke? 2. How can Wal-Mart benefit from Internet retailing? â€Å"The internet has interesting aspects and will definitely serve a growing market throughout the 21st Century.† (David, P. 69) allows customers easy and convenient access to Wal-Mart’s millions of products without leaving their homes; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; in turn will boost sales because is able to display all products available, unlike store, which have limited space. As long as continues to offer low prices and low shipping prices with the same quality of service, with easy checkout, it can be most profitable allowing Wal-Mart to benefit from internet retailing. 3. How aggressively should Wal-Mart expand internationally and where? I don’t believe Wal-Mart should move progressively when expanding internationally. It is the right time to expand internationally, anywhere east of the North America continent. Wal-Mart expanding internationally keeps them from being vulnerable to fluctuations of the U.S. dollar, allowing them to generate earnings from the countries east of the U.S. Wal-Mart should expand aggressively, which will allow customers all over the world â€Å"to associate their name with low cost, greatest selection of quality merchandise and highest standards of customer service.† (David, P. 68) 4. Should Wal-Mart expand the convenient store concept in China and other markets? I believe it is a good idea to expand the convenient store concept in China and other markets. According to Convenience Store News; â€Å"small formats are leading store growth in the Asia-Pacific region with traditional convenience stores seeing significant growth. China added more than 4,000 new c-stores in the past 12 months.† (Kress, 2012) 5. Should Wal-Mart get a foothold in Europe before competitors seize the initiative?

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Build Bridges Not Walls

Society has undergone a massive change in the last few decades, with respect to both economic and social environment. And this change has affected people of all age groups, starting from children and adolescents to the young, middle aged and old. The pressures to perform either at school/college level or at jobs are enormously high. Tinged with competition, technological advancement as well as the increasing materialism, and hence with changing norms for social status and respect has set people into a mad frenzy of desires.With these changing definitions, people now are unable to define needs, wants & desires. What maybe was a luxury in yesterday’s generation is a need in today’s generation. But what people fail to understand is â€Å"Desires are many, needs are few. Needs can be fulfilled; desires never. A desire is a need Bone crazy. It is impossible to fulfill it. The more you try to fulfill it, the more it goes on asking and asking'† So in this mad frenzy of satisfying desires people forget the one of the basic needs for mental stability and peace†¦a healthy relationship.Man is a social animal and this is important for his survival and he is neglecting almost all relations-â€Å"Parents, friends, siblings,children etc, but the most prominent failing relation is between a man and a woman, be it husband & wife or a relationship. As per laws of nature its natural that a man and a woman develop an attraction which sometimes culminates into a relationship and sometimes ends in marriage, but we are seeing increasing number of broken marriages ,wherein there are irreconcilable differences between a couple and they carry on due to some binding factors like children or society.Sometimes these broken marriages end in divorce and sometimes don’t. The same happens to relationships too and people flit from one relation to another trying to find that deluding peace and happiness. Failure of relationships & marriages-WHY: We believe that if we have someone who wants the same things as we do, it would be a happy relationship. We believe in an overtly romantic ideal which sets us up for disappointment.Having chosen each other on the basis of similarity we have no skills to resolve the differences that inevitably emerge between any two people, and  our romantic spirit is crushed as easily as a paper bag. We avoid conflict when we should be training ourselves on its barbs. We have come to think of compromise as a dirty word. When in fact you get nowhere in real life without it. We look for partners who give us no problems, rather than partners we are good at overcoming problems with. We fail to understand that a man & woman are basically different, not only physically but emotionally as well.Their reaction to a situation or an approach to a problem is always different, and it requires a great deal of patience & understanding to bridge this communication gap between a man and a woman. When a relationship culminates int o marriage, and a couple stay together, these inevitable differences crop up more, and things, which looked trivial or were not noticed in the relationship phase, now come into the forefront and slowly look like major hurdles, which couples find difficult to cope up.Instead of accepting each other, they set about finding flaws and try to make the other person think and behave like them. The undying frenzy in this age of materialism, adds to this, comparisons in social circles take place, expectations arise giving rise to ego, and the couple slowly start drifting apart mentally and emotionally and an invisible and impregnable wall is built between them. Not to mention many a times that also parents from either side are fuelling factors in this.The boy’s parents are still bound mentally in their times and they are unable to cope up with these changing times, and have expectations as were expected of them during their times , sometimes trivial issues becoming major factors for a break up. I personally know of a issue in my friend’s family, wherein an argument broke over an issue, of excessive salt being put in Dal. The argument took such major proportions, and so many other underlying issues came up that my friends elder brother and sister in law left the house and took up a house outside and separated.Funny and sad too. But what needs to be introspected, is what proportions a trivial issue took to. Was it really worth it? An issue of momentary discomfort which could have been just ignored. So also the girl’s parents in a bid to be over protective about their daughter keep interfering in her family life and adding fuel to fire. I know of another trivial issue which could have been solved between a couple, but because of the interference of the girl’s parents, which further fuelled the ego in both sides, and it finally ended in a divorce.So what are the basics to keep a relationship or marriage ticking:1) Both need to accept that howeve r similar interests they share, they are basically two different individuals, hence differences are bound to crop up sooner or later. Also like some famous author said â€Å"Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus†.. hence their emotional psyches are different and this needs to be kept in mind.2) Women need to understand a man more than loving him and a Man needs to love a woman more rather than trying to understand her .3) Both need to keep in mind that only both of them can solve their differences and adjust. Family or friends cannot do it for them. At best family or friends can be helpful in cooling down a highly volatile situation.4) They should think that we see right or wrong from our point of view.. when we understand a person and think from that person’s shoes we may think otherwise.5) Most of the times, a woman doesn’t want a solution rather she wants a sympathetic ear, so men have to listen more and offer less solutions. Rather a sympathetic ear and small tokens of affection works. Women also need to understand a man’s need for his family and friends too. Its common knowledge that men form more die hard friendships then women and women need to understand that, when a man loves his parents or siblings or his friends and spends time with them too, it doesn’t mean he loves her less.6) However arguments and fights are natural. Both should understand that they are in a way healthy and most of the issues are mundane. Hence they should learn not to carry it to the future. It should be dropped there and then. Please remember that, if we hold on to the past, then we can’t move forward.7) If a relationship culminates in marriage, then the woman has to accept that like her parents and siblings are an inseparable part of her, so also are the boy’s parents and siblings are inseparable parts of him. Since parents belong to a different generation, there will be differences, but the solution doesn’t lie in d rifting apart. It lies in accepting them as they are and keeping communication clear with your spouse and with his help bridging that gap. There can also be closed room, open discussion between the boy and his father to find ways to close this gap.8) So also the boy has to understand that the girl’s parents mean the same to her and hence he shouldn’t unduly restrict her or interfere in regards to her parents. He should also respect her parents as he does his own but take caution that, they don’t interfere in their married life.9) Parents also on the other hand, need to be made to understand either through counseling or in open minded discussions to accept either son in law or daughter in law as they are, in order to keep peace in the family.â€Å"Expectation instead of acceptance leads to problems† is something needed to be understood by the couple as well as the parents. â€Å"Build bridges not walls† Finally after taking care of these basics, if still there are irreconcilable differences between a couple, which are a constant source of tension and is detrimental to mental peace and development, and the couple is finding it difficult to carry on, then its best to end the relationship or marriage amicably, rather than suffering continuously or mud slinging at each other. Remember â€Å"A momentary pain is better than a life long suffering†.

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THE DECISION TO DROP THE ATOMIC BOMB ON HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI - Essay Example he loss is the result of the use of mass destruction nuclear means for just two days, then the question of the expediency and necessity of such a step of the US military operation rises. Taking into account the USA command’s belief of the Japanese capitulation being fostered by the threat of possible continuing of atomic bombing, can the fact of mass civilians’ killing be justified or not? The question of the appropriateness of the atomic bombings of Japan and their role for the end of World War II as well as their ethical validity is still the subject of scientific and public debates. There are numerous for and against arguments in this respect, and the followers of every version have particular data for support their ideas. First of all, let’s see what facts may prove the justification of dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The main reason for such a decision is the desire to stop the bloody war by Japanese capitulation as quickly as possible, for preventing the massive casualties on both sides during the invasion on the territory of the belligerent powers. It was assumed that there would be great losses among the armed forces and civilian population in any case, reasoning in the military offensive or the continuation of the food blockade of Japan by overlapping not only sea routes of import but land ones as well. Feeling the whole responsibility for the consequences of his words lay on his shoulders the American President Truman says: The opponents of dropping of atomic bombs see no military necessity in their usage for Japan was suffering from bombing every day and was almost ready to capitulate. Another reason not to justify the decision of the US command, soul touching one, is the immoral nature of such a way of killing people which is perceived as a war crime against humanity and the genocide. According to the words of admiral William D. Leahy, President Truman’s Chief of Staff, the nuclear means like atomic bombs are not

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Social Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Social Policy - Essay Example Specifically, it was understood that preventive measures could improve the health of the populace. In addition, the Health for all campaign launched by the World Health Organization in the year 1981, had a deep influence on the thinking of European countries (Birt, Gunning-Schepers, Hayes, & Joyce, 1997: 262). This was reflected in their public health policies. The National Health Service served to provide a uniform and integrated system of medical care to the denizens of the UK. Prior to the formation of this organisation, the health care system had been provided by the combined efforts of divers entities. Some of these providers of health care were voluntary and commercial organisations (Baggott, 1994: 76). Moreover, the health care system entails considerable expenditure, and this was satisfied to some extent by the philanthropic organisations and the insurance companies. A major role was enacted, in this commendable effort, by the voluntary organisations, which were actively engaged in making community health services available. These organisations worked in tandem with the local authorities, especially in the areas of maternity, child welfare, aftercare, nursing at the district level, and mental and physical impairment (Baggott, 1994: 76). The economic and societal security of the nation relates to the degree to which individuals or groups are provided with access to, permitted to utilise and the successful results obtained, with respect to a wide range of resources. Some of these resources could connote healthcare, employment, education, housing and finance. These factors have a major bearing on the inequities that exist in healthcare (Ward, Redgrave, & Read, 2006: 10). In addition, biological and environmental factors, nutrition and the standard of living contribute to health. Thus, health constitutes a function of welfare. It can be surmised that the issues that prove detrimental to health are in general the province of

Violence in Movies Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Violence in Movies - Research Paper Example One of the most viewed and produced genres include violent and action packed movies which are purely entertaining in nature. However, the first years of violent movies were tightly regulated by the Production Code and therefore between the years 1939-1959, the genre of violent movies was in its lag phase; however produces recognized the potential of violence movies in the market and post 1960 production of such movies started though the concept of bloodshed was uncommon. It was only much later in the 1980’s that blood, guns and true violence was visible onscreen i.e. the depiction of violence changed drastically and till date the trend continues in American cinema. It needs to be admitted that though today violent activities are shown more in number, the actual visibility of blood was much raw in the older movies while today blood shedding is represented in a more sophisticated manner because the subject itself has become really common and the audience today have evolved too. It was in the 1980’s that the transition of movies into violence movies actually started since this was a drastic transitional period for the Hollywood film industry itself. One of the quintessential violent movies was the pure action movies whose basic structure and plot forms the basis of action movies that are made today. One of the first violent movies to be censored during this period was Conan, the Barbarian (1982) which was an action packed, adventurous and thriller. The concept of man-alien conflict also started in this period with the making of the Predator in 1985 where â€Å"the entire film literally boils down to a mano-a-mano standoff between Major Dutch Schaeffer, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the alien predator who has hunted and killed his platoon soldiers one by one† (Kendrick,2009,p96). However, Cannibal Holocaust (1980) which is predominantly the most violent documentary movie that has

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Your objective is to understand how management (directors and his Essay

Your objective is to understand how management (directors and his team) of BP company, dealt with the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico - Essay Example They came up with approximation of ninety days and forty billion as the cost through seeking money from other companies. According to Bryant & Hunter (1-2), BP started by attempting to install a valve to shutoff one of the leaks that were underwater, though, it was a difficult process that they thought would not succeed. Two days later, they had managed to stop oil flow from one of the three leaking points on the riser in the Gulf of Mexico and the spoiled oil well. However, this effort did not solve the overall problem of leakage and they had to improvise another method to solve the problem completely. They came up with the idea of installing a cofferdam at the end of the riser, though; it was not successful because there was extra formation of hydrate crystals in the dome. This made them use the junk shot method to wad the leak that was undersea by pumping shredded materials into the well at an extremely high

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HUMAN DEVELOPMENT & LEARNING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT & LEARNING - Essay Example In terms of psychology, there are many different theories in the sub discipline of Human Growth and Development in that each theory may describe part of a construct well, but may not necessarily address every single problem and component. Cognitive development theory deals with, how as children, we develop different ways of thinking. This can vary from the way in which we learn to our perceptions of people and the environment. Because each individual is unique in the way in which they develop cognitively, psychologists have had a difficult time tailoring theories to get very specific on cognitive development. The first psychologist to develop a theory on cognitive development theory was Jean Piaget. One of the biggest issues argued in terms of cognitive development theory is the debate of nature vs. nurture. Some psychologists believe that we are who we are as a result of how we are biologically encoded. This encoding is what grants us our intellectual and cognitive processing abilit ies. Those that believe in the nurture concept believe that our cognitive abilities are influenced by our interaction with the environment and people. The middle ground of this argument is that epigenetics is responsible in that both biology and environment play equal and vital roles in cognitive development. ... This is the stage in which infants begin. The learning that takes place here is based highly on the assimilation through motor functions, which develops from reflexes to intentional movements. The second stage is the preoperational stage. This is where a child begins to start processing and interpreting things such as shapes in the environment in a rudimentary manner. Children are able to form stable cognitions and this is often when they come up with the ideas of imaginary play. They are still unable to do many operational tasks and often remain egocentric. The third stage is the concrete operations stage, which normally takes place between seven and eleven years of age. Children are now able to use logic to solve problems, however this is only limited to concrete problems as they have problems with abstract thinking, The last stage is the formal operations stage and this progresses all the way into adulthood. Here, individuals have a full range of mental abilities and are capable o f solving problems through deductive reasoning and hypothetical testing (Sigelman, & Rider, 2008). Jerome Bruner was also similar to Piaget in the fact that he felt that children had to interact with the environment in order to learn, however he placed a greater emphasis on social factors, which he believed were largely responsible for intellectual growth through scaffolding. Rather than in Piaget’s stages in which different thinking emerges, Bruner thought that at certain ages, children used different types of cognition. The first mode is the enactive mode, and like Piaget, he believes that the majority of learning, which occurs during this stage, is due to muscle movement and coordination. The infants learn by doing. The second mode is

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Comparison Analysis of Personal Consumption Habits Essay

Comparison Analysis of Personal Consumption Habits - Essay Example Boone & Kurtz (2006) outline the first step in the consumer decision-making process as being the identification of a specific problem. In the case of my food purchase, a relatively empty refrigerator represented such a problem. In addition, a personal craving for pickles was the initial motivation to visit the food market, where a series of searches and evaluation of alternative brands ultimately led to a final purchase decision. There appears to be a general consensus amongst most marketing research professionals that buying decisions are largely based on elements of the marketing mix (such as price and promotion), as well as previous experience with any particular brand. Pickles, under the model of consumer behaviour, usually represent low-involvement, meaning that lower price and affordability, as well as the fact that the majority of pickle brands are quite similar, would dictate a rapid purchase decision. However, in my personal situation, I am quite particular about the texture and flavour enhancements which are added to pickles, hence I generally weigh my potential brand alternatives carefully before selecting my desired product. The final pickle purchase involved a heavy evaluation of alternative brands, comparing ingredients, my own experience and distaste for certain brands, and the promotional elements of the market which included sale versus non-sale items; representing a series of personal evaluative criteria. The process of searching, as stage two of the decision-making process.

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Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism - Essay Example The essay "Women's Liberation and Sixties Radicalism" presents the analysis of the paper "Nothing Distant About It: Women's liberation and Sixties Radicalism" written by Alice Echols which revolves around the liberation of women in the 1960s and the reasons behind it. It begins with the boycott on the Miss America Pageant and the different ways used by the female demonstrators to interrupt the on-goings of the show. It then speaks of the adversity that met these women as they continue to show their aggravated sentiment. Not only are they taunted and jeered at by men but their popularity is also compared to the â€Å"anti-war† movement. The latter bit of the essay goes on to talk about the cultivating factors behind the movement. This included the women’s taste of social and economic freedom. The new labor force shifted the need from labor to services, which could be easily accommodated by the new college-educated females. Also, the financial needs of the house had incre ased with the introduction of technology and one earner could no longer fulfill the needs of the entire family. Echols then gives the main reason behind the success of the feminist movement: the presence of other oppositional movements. Along with this was the women’s ability to incorporate Marxist and other ideologies to better understand their own oppression. A brief tussle with NOW (National Organization for Women) over the introduction of personal life into the public sphere separated the feminists from the liberationists of NOW.

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Cultivating Culturally Responsive Leaders Essay Example for Free

Cultivating Culturally Responsive Leaders Essay The purpose of this study is to make school administrators aware and familiar with the challenges and obstacles ELL students encounter. With such a growing population of ELL students, teachers are having to become more and more aware of instructional strategies. Teachers are now being held accountable more than ever for their student’s performance and need to make sure every student makes learning gains. With South Florida’s increasing ELL population teachers are struggling to get these students, whose first language is not English, to speak, read, and write proficiently in English before they take the FCAT or by the end of the year to be able to show learning gains. This case study will take place at Winston Park K-8 School. Winston Park is located in a suburban, middle to lower class multiethnic community in the southwest section of Miami-Dade County. The student population is composed of eighty-six percent Hispanics, nine percent white, one percent black, and four percent other. Sixty percent of the students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, 46% are ELL, six percent are SWD, and four percent are gifted students. Average daily attendance is 98%. There is a total of 96 instructional staff members. Ninety-one percent of the instructional staff is highly qualified. Twenty-six percent of teachers have received advanced degrees. Parental involvement is high and growing. The student interviewed is an eight-year-old third grade student. Gabriela came from Cuba in March of 2012. Gabriela and her family came from Cuba in search of freedom and a better life. Gabriela came to the United States with her father and mother. Gabriela states that they lived in a poor neighborhood and struggled to get the little food that they did to put on the table. After school Gabriela would go to work with her mom at a farm to pick fruits, vegetables, and even milk cows. Gabriela has showed great growth in the one year that she has been in the Miami-Dade County Public school system. Although Gabriela has attended Winston Park from the beginning of this school year, this is the second school she’s attended in the district since arriving from Cuba. Gabriela’s mom informed that she was very unhappy at her previous school but that now Gabriela loved waking up in the morning to attend school. Even though both of her parents work they are very involved in her studies and will stop at nothing to make sure Gabriela gets a good education. Gabriela is not your average recently arrived ELL student. In the short time she has been here, Gabriela has learned to read, write and comprehend English just as well, if not at times better than many of her non-ELL classmates. Gabriela has made Honor Roll every nine-week grading period and was even referred to be tested for the gifted program. In this case study we will answer how do ELLs, their parents, teachers, and other stakeholder understand ELLs academic experiences in school and how can administrators work be informed by a case study that focuses on ELLs and their experiences in Florida schools. Literature Review In reviewing literature based on paired reading and fluency increase, I found several sources that supported my hypothesis that pairing low (ESOL) and high (Non-ESOL) students during reading is an effective intervention. These findings are particularly significant to those educators who are seeking ways to help students with reading fluency difficulty. Reading fluency is important for comprehension. When students read efficiently and accurately, then they can comprehend what they read more easily. In primary grades, students learn to read but in upper elementary grades students read to learn. What is fluency? According to the National Reading Panel (2000), fluency is the ability to read text aloud with speed, accuracy, and proper expression (Armbruster, Lehr, Osborn, 2001; Meyer Felton, 1991; Rasinkski, 2003). Fluent readers can recognize the majority of the words they read automatically without having to decode individual words; they are ble to dedicate their attention to the ultimate goal of reading: comprehension. Fluency is the bridge between word recognition and reading comprehension (Kuhn Stahl, 2000; Nathan Stanovich, 1991; Rasinksi Padak, 2004). While studies have not determined the ideal number of times necessary to achieve reading fluency, researchers say the more times the better. A typical reader needs to read a passage four times to reach maximum fluency levels (National Reading Panel, 2000). Beginning readers and struggling older readers tend to read slowly, haltingly, and with little or no expression. Often as a result, text comprehension is affected, confidence levels are low, and they do not enjoy reading. Therefore, fluency is and should be a primary goal of literacy instruction. The oral reading fluency norms for grades 1-5 are: 1st 53-111, 2nd 89-142, 3rd 107-162, 4th 123-180, and 5th 139-194 (Hasbrouck Tindal, 2006). While conducting my research, I found different types of reading interventions that can help increase an ESOL student’s fluency: Choral Reading, Duet Reading, Audio-Recorded Books, Echo Reading, and Paired Reading (Hudson et al. , 2005; The Partnership for Reading, 2001). In choral reading, a group of students read aloud from the same selection. The teacher can read along to set the pace and model targeted skills. Students can improve their fluency skills, including appropriate pausing and expression, by reading along with a group of readers or with a strong reader as a partner (Hudson, 2005). In duet reading, a stronger reader is paired with a less-fluent reader. The stronger reader sets the pace and provides visual tracking by moving his or her finger below each word as it is read in unison. In audio-recorded books, the student reads aloud with an audio-recorded version of a book. The purpose is to encourage the weaker reader to read along with the tape. In echo reading, the adult reads a short passage and then invites the child to â€Å"Say what I say† or â€Å"Copy me,† encouraging the child to repeat what the adult has read (Robertson Davig, 2002). In this way, the adult models fluent reading and then provides the child with an opportunity for immediate practice. In paired reading, children who are struggling with reading fluency are paired up with a more capable reader. In this strategy, the fluent reader and reader take turns reading by lines or pages (Mathes, Fuchs, Fuchs, Henley, Sanders, 1994). In evaluating the different types of reading interventions, I found that paired reading is the most commonly used to increase fluency. According to the report of The National Reading Panel (2000), guided repeated oral reading is the most effective procedure for developing reading fluency (Kuhn Stahl, 2000; Rasinski Hoffman, 2003). Paired reading was originally developed as a strategy for parents and children reading at home, but it is easily adapted for classroom use in intervention lessons (Morgan Lyon, 1979; Topping, 1989). Paired reading requires the reading partners to read aloud. Reading aloud to elementary school students can have many beneficial effects; it improves their language skills, motivates them to read on their own, makes students familiar with books, and expands vocabulary (Saban, 1994). Research indicates that repeated paired reading leads not only to improving in reading the passage but also improvement in decoding, reading rate, expression, and comprehension of passages that the reader has not previously seen (Dowhower, 1994; Kuhn Stahl, 2000; National Reading Panel, 2000). Rasinski and Fredericks (1991) reported on a paired reading project launched by the Akron, Ohio Public School System; the results of the project suggest that paired reading also helped improve reading performance but in addition helps improve reading motivation and child bonding. Studies on paired reading showed that students of all ages can make extraordinary reading gains. In one study of paired reading over a period of six to ten weeks, students made a gain of at least six months in reading (Limbrick, McNaughton, Cameron, 1985). In another study, students made an average of three months gain for every month of paired reading. The less proficient readers were not the only ones who benefited; the student who served as the tutor also made substantial gains in their reading abilities (Topping, 1989). In summation, the characteristics of the paired reading instruction (positive one-to-one collaboration between skilled and less-skilled readers, reader engagement, practice, evidence of progress, and reader expression) support my hypothesis that pairing a low and high student during reading is an effective intervention for fluency increase. It may promote rapid turnaround in reader proficiency for less-skilled readers. Furthermore this finding is particularly significant to those educators who are seeking ways to help students with reading fluency difficulty. Method Three people participated in this study: Gabriela, an eight-year old student in third grade and an ESOL level one, her mom and the teacher, Mrs. Sanz. Everyone has given full consent and agreed to interview with us and give us information on Gabriela and their culture. Every person interviewed was cooperative and helpful throughout the interview. The teacher was a crucial part to our interview since she is the one who works directly with Gabriela on a daily basis and can best describes her strengths and weaknesses. During the interview, we asked Mrs. Sanz to please provide us with information and data about Gabriela. We explained to her teacher and mother that all of Gabriela’s information would be kept confidential and that her name would be changed for privacy purposes. Some of the data we collected was from the SAT (Stanford Achievement Test), FAIR (Florida Assessment in Instruction and Reading), and the CELLA (Comprehensive English Language Learning Assessment). While the teacher pulled out useful pieces of data she gave us a synopses of how Gabriela is in class and how she is getting along with all the other students. Mrs. Sanz feels she’s a bright young girl (probably gifted) with lots of potential. She is self-directive and puts forth maximum effort. Mrs. Sanz also told us Gabriela enjoys helping the other students in class. Mrs. Sanz feels this may be due to the high level of importance her parents have instilled in her regarding school. Sandra, Brenda and Mrs. Sanz all discussed and analyzed the data and we identified all her strong areas as well as a few minor weak areas. Sandra Ramallo and Brenda Gomez conducted the study. Sandra and Brenda were both present at all interviews and had the opportunity to talk to each interviewee. Since the study was conducted by both Sandra and Brenda the work load was distributed amongst each other. Brenda worked on the introduction, method, findings, and consent forms. Sandra worked on the literature review, discussion, and the transcription of the interview.

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Vertical And Horizontal Integration In Tourism.

Vertical And Horizontal Integration In Tourism. Horizontal Integration is when two industries merge together; it is where one business which offers a product takes over another business who offers similar products. An example of horizontal integration is the First Choice Group and this is because they own First Choice Hypermarket as well as First Choice Travel Agency. The reason why they are part of the horizontal integration is because looking at the buying chain they are on the exact same level. Vertical Integration Vertical Integration is when one company expands its business into a variety of different areas; the company buys another similar organisation however it is on a different level of the chain. An example of vertical integration is Virgin Trains which is owned by Virgin Group and also in partnership with the stagecoach. In the travel industry two companies take over one another in order to find out different ways to sell their products and services to their customers. A clear description of the trade and regularity body giving an explanation of their role and how they link to a tour operator: ABTA is the UK travel trade association for tour operators and travel agencies; they have a responsibility which is to help their members grow their business in a sustainable way. ABTA has been around for more than 60 years and it is essential that customers look for the ABTA logo when booking their holidays. The reason for this is because if anything was to go wrong when they are abroad ABTA is there as their security so therefore they will be able to sort out the complaints. Fairness, reliability and expertise is what the ABTA brand stands for and over 1350 companies use ABTA. FTO stands for the Federation of Tour Operators which ensures that UK outbound tour operators are interested in by people as well as providing about 90% of overseas package holidays which are sold in the UK. FTO has become more aware of sustainable tourism and responsible tourism that brings changes in the environment in all areas which are affecting holidays located overseas looking at the safety, hygiene and health requirements. AITO stands for the Association of Independent Tour Operators who offers a high level of customer satisfaction; members who are part of AITO are all small companies which are independent. They all specialise in certain destinations and are owner managed. Tour operators have recently be involved with AITO, their role is to organise activities for different types of holidays including; city breaks, culture, luxury, sports and adventure. CAA stands for the Civil Aviation Authority who is involved with the aviation police keeping charge of all airports; they also make sure that planes are safe before they take off. They ensure that all UK civil aviation standards are achieved and are responsible for four main areas which consists of; economic and airspace policy, consumer protection group, regulation and air safety group. Explain each legal framework and give examples: EU package travel regulations is a package holiday which has to be checked over before selling it to customers to see if it is under the EU law. A package holiday includes; transport, accommodation and excursions for example a trip to the museum or a tour guide. The travel regulations are clearly written so people can understand what cannot and be measured as a package holiday. Trade description act is another law which states that it is wrong to give out false information to customers about a certain product or service. An example of this is a staff working in a travel agency has helped a couple book their honeymoon and has told them that they will be staying at a beach hotel so therefore they walk down the stairs of their room and outside is the path to the beach. The couple get there and does not recognise the area and this is because there is no beach around the area or at the hotel, this is false information about facilities which was given to the customers by a member of staff in a travel agency. Consumer protection act all relates to safety and price, it protects all consumers from false pricing. This Act has three different rules to remember and they are; information must be basic and clear when it is given to all consumers, suppliers must all confirm any purchases made and if a package is wrong and they are not happy with the purchase consumers therefore need to be given a time in order to think and change their mind if it is needed. ATOL licence stands for the Air Transport Operations Licence which is a UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) system which protects all people who have bought a package holiday as well as flights from a tour operator. ATOL protects customers from losing out on any money and offers and also covers accommodation and flights being booked as one. D) A grid showing external influences that could affect Tour Operators with examples: Political An example of this is terrorism, the Bali bombings on 12th October 2002 was a terrorist attack which happened on an Indonesian Island called Kuta. From this attack there were 202 deaths and the number of people that were injured was 240, everyone in Bali from the surrounding areas where the attack occurred shows pictures from the bombings and these have been kept to show others what really happened and how it affected everyone. Tour operators lost out on some money as they had to stop selling package holidays and flights to Bali because of the terrorist attacks, the number of visitors dropped a huge amount. It decreased from 33,000 people to 32,000 and now this year it has increased to 52,000. Economic An example of this is fuel prices from the aircrafts, if this increases then when customers book their holiday tickets this will then therefore increase as well. International Air Transport Association (IATA) updates their website now and again on prices of the jet fuel, prices all vary on where the fuel is bought for example the country and how long a flight will take. Tour operators are allowed to increase their prices as well as advertising new fuel supplements, prices can be adjusted now and again according to charges being made. Customers will be able to see a breakdown of their flight ticket when booking a holiday showing the different prices. Social An example of this is religion which has become really popular in the world today especially holiday trips abroad to religious cities. The most popular religious trip is to Lourdes in France, six million people visit a year to ask for healing either for themselves because they are sick or for family and friends who they love. Lourdes is where miracles can happen, visitors can renew their faith and bathe in the cold water where they go in naked with a towel wrapped around them but come out completely dry. Religious trips to the same country could affect tour operators when they book them because they could get bored after a while booking to the same country for their customers over and over again. However some tour operators may know little about religious trips which can lead to customers being very disappointed and not return back to that travel agent to book their holidays in the future. Technological An example of this is online booking using the internet either at home or at work, this saves customers going to the shop and booking their holiday. Checking in on mobile phones is also acceptable as there are apps which people can download and do everything on there. Check-in must be done at least couple of hours before departure as well as printing out your boarding pass if needed. Tour Operators will earn less money than usual; this means there will be less work for travel agents therefore they will get bored easily as no customers are entering the store. Staff working at the travel agencies will feel it is a waste of time learning basic information for the different countries and they will also give up on decorating their store and shop windows if everyone has decided to book their flights and accommodation using technology. Staff may give up after a while and quit their job if they feel they are not doing anything for a whole day. Environmental An example of this is the volcanic ash cloud which started off from Iceland and slowly expanded across Europe in 2010. British Airways cancelled all their Long Haul and Short Haul flights, Ryanair which is a budget airline cancelled every single flight of theirs to and from the UK and Thomson Airways also cancelled every single flight. Out of 22,000 flights only 5,000 flights were running when the volcanic ash cloud appeared, in result customers were required to call their airline up before departure time to check if their flight was still going ahead. Flights which could no longer go ahead as normal and part of a package deal, it was then the tour operators task to cover every single cost however only if it is protected by Air Transport Operations Licence ATOL. This role can affect all tour operators because they will be getting a number of complaints and calls from customers every single minute, this gives them a high responsibility within the role and a lot of patience. This is ha rd work for them to control by themselves because not every customer is patient and nice so the reason it can affect staff from travel agents because they can also get into trouble if they answer back and act really rude and disobedient towards their customers. E) A factsheet showing the challenges to a tour operator: RESPONSIBLE TOURISM: First Choice offers a green brochure which includes hotels that has been given a Travelife Award for their responsibility of the environment. First Choice staffs are all able to download this brochure from the website to show customers when they enter the store and book a holiday with them because some people are interested in looking after different environments. There are a variety of choices looking at sustainability for travellers; activities and excursions. Projects from the World Care Fund are also included in order to show their ideas and care of the environment, the brochure allows customers to book their package holidays in a simple way when looking for countries abroad that relate to looking after the environment. MAINTAINING THE MARKET SHARE: Thomson Group is one of the popular tour operators which owns a variety of hotels across the world, one of the hotels is called Hotel Annabelle in Paphos. The hotel offers a variety of features; meals, swimming pool, entertainment, activities, facilities and special offers. Thomson also has rights towards transport and accommodation, they offer; private transfers which is a taxi straight to the hotel and reserve seats before departure for every single customer. Check-in before departure to avoid queuing up in the airport and customers are allowed every single benefit option however this can only be allowed if customers have booked a package holiday. Thomson also owns over 50 different aircrafts, they update their website now and again to improve their services and to advertise new products. TRENDS TOWARDS INDEPENDENT TRAVEL: Dynamic packaging which is very similar to a packaged holiday but the only difference is dynamic packaging has more of a variety of choices as an independent traveller. An example of dynamic packaging is as follows: hotel choice + flight choice + airport transfer choice. It is much cheaper in price and this is because everything needed for a holiday is put altogether. Tour Operators can lose out on earning money given by customers after booking their holiday because now everyone prefers to put their own packaged holiday together. If some customers do not know how to do so they can start charging customers who need the help. The way a company runs its business can be affected only when they lose out on money which means fewer customers are booking their holidays in travel agencies.

Performance Appraisal of Agilent Technology Essay -- essays research p

Executive Summary For this report, I had chosen Agilent Technologies Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as my research topic. It is one of the branches in the world that delivers innovative technologies, solutions and services to a wide range of customers in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   One of Agilent's goals is to maintain a good-quality relationship between employees and management regardless of the economic conditions in which the business is operating. Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  This report focuses on the Performance Appraisal  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  of Agilent Technologies. Performance appraisal is one of the factors related to an organization’s long-term success. It has the ability to measure how well employees perform and then use the information to ensure that performance meets present standards and improves over time.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  To help us have a view in the performance appraisal system of Agilent Technologies, an interview was conducted with two members of the company, Ms. Lim and Ms. Tracy Leong. Ms. Lim is the Assistant Manager in Customer Service, whereas Ms. Leong has been working in the Customer Service department for more 2 years. She is responsible for ensuring that their company’s customers receive an adequate level of service or help with their questions and concerns. Also, she interacts with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products or services and to handle and resolve complaints, through a variety of means, either in person, by telephone, e-mail or regular mail correspondence, or fax, or even over the Internet. In Agilent, the Human Resources (HR) department has focused on improving responsiveness, clarifying the scope of its services and continuing to build its expertise. Despite difficult economic conditions in recent years, they have continued working toward making Agilent an employer of choice across the globe. The aim is to provide employees with a working environment they find challenging and enjoyable by hiring some of the best people and encouraging open communication and feedback with management. In Agilent, it is the responsibility of the managers to maintain a work environment where employees can openly discuss their performance, progress and development. This requires open and frequent c... ...l process. This helps reducing sampling error by increasing the number of observations and reduces the effect of possible biases. This way, the supervisors and managers will feel more comfortable, since they are no longer solely responsible for what happens to the person as a result of the rating. Probably there are still many ways to be researched and then be conducted. However, I do think these three ways are as important as they will lead the performance appraisal to a better system in Agilent Technologies. References: 1.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Stone, R.J. 2002, 4th edn, Human Resource Management, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd., Australia. 2.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Fisher, C. D., Schoenfeldt, L. F. and Shaw, J. B. 1993, 2nd edn, Human Resource Management, Houghton Mifflin Company, London. 3.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Paterson, T. T. 1972, 2nd edn, Job Evaluation: A New Method. Business Books Limited, London. 4.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ 5.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚ 6.  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚

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The Schlieffen Plan Essay -- World War II WWII WW2 Nazi Germany

The Schlieffen Plan was devised by Count Alfred von Schlieffen, the Chief of the General Staff in the German army in 1905. There were a number of different aspects to the Schlieffen Plan, and all were aimed at defeating France as quickly as possible, preferably in under 6 weeks. The Germans believed this was possible because they had defeated France in Alsace and Lorraine in the 1871. The main aim of the Schlieffen Plan was to knock out and capture France and then attack Russia in order to avoid fighting a war on two fronts at the same time. †¨The second aspect to the Schlieffen Plan was to invade neutral Belgium as a means to get to France, because the German-Franco border was heavily fortified and would mean almost certain defeat for Germany. Even though the Germans knew about the Treaty of London signed between Britain and Belgium in 1839, Kaiser Wilhelm II did not believe that Britain would come to Belgium’s aid over â€Å"a scrappy bit of paper†. †¨ The third aspect to the Plan was to use the 1st to 4th armies to go through Belgium and Holland to outflank the French and attack them from behind at Lorraine where the German 5th to 8th armies were holding, attack from the French forces and even give them a little ground to allow the Germans to get behind the French. In the process the Germans would be able to take Paris, the capital as they moved south to join the 5th to 8th armies in Lorraine. The whole of the Schlieffen Plan depended on adhering to a strict timetable, which in theory was a good idea on behalf of the German staff, but in reality it did not take into consideration factors such as soldiers fatigue in marching long distances and unexpected resistance by the British Expeditionary Force at the and the Belgia... ...e Germans arrived in France, the French were ready waiting to repel them. In conclusion, the main aim of the Schlieffen Plan was for Germany to avoid fighting a war on two fronts at the same time. The Plan failed for a number of reasons, but the most important was the unexpected resistance put up by the brave Belgians at Mons and the support given by the BEF at the Battle of the Marne. This meant that von Moltke had to divert his armies from encircling Paris, dig trenches to protect his soldiers from the bombardment form the new artillery, and thereby negate the crux of the Schlieffen Plan, which had depended on speed, knocking out and capturing Paris in six weeks. The Germans found themselves stuck in France while the Russians had mobilized: The Germans then had to fight a war on two fronts - the very situation which the Schlieffen Plan had been devised to avoid. The Schlieffen Plan Essay -- World War II WWII WW2 Nazi Germany The Schlieffen Plan was devised by Count Alfred von Schlieffen, the Chief of the General Staff in the German army in 1905. There were a number of different aspects to the Schlieffen Plan, and all were aimed at defeating France as quickly as possible, preferably in under 6 weeks. The Germans believed this was possible because they had defeated France in Alsace and Lorraine in the 1871. The main aim of the Schlieffen Plan was to knock out and capture France and then attack Russia in order to avoid fighting a war on two fronts at the same time. †¨The second aspect to the Schlieffen Plan was to invade neutral Belgium as a means to get to France, because the German-Franco border was heavily fortified and would mean almost certain defeat for Germany. Even though the Germans knew about the Treaty of London signed between Britain and Belgium in 1839, Kaiser Wilhelm II did not believe that Britain would come to Belgium’s aid over â€Å"a scrappy bit of paper†. †¨ The third aspect to the Plan was to use the 1st to 4th armies to go through Belgium and Holland to outflank the French and attack them from behind at Lorraine where the German 5th to 8th armies were holding, attack from the French forces and even give them a little ground to allow the Germans to get behind the French. In the process the Germans would be able to take Paris, the capital as they moved south to join the 5th to 8th armies in Lorraine. The whole of the Schlieffen Plan depended on adhering to a strict timetable, which in theory was a good idea on behalf of the German staff, but in reality it did not take into consideration factors such as soldiers fatigue in marching long distances and unexpected resistance by the British Expeditionary Force at the and the Belgia... ...e Germans arrived in France, the French were ready waiting to repel them. In conclusion, the main aim of the Schlieffen Plan was for Germany to avoid fighting a war on two fronts at the same time. The Plan failed for a number of reasons, but the most important was the unexpected resistance put up by the brave Belgians at Mons and the support given by the BEF at the Battle of the Marne. This meant that von Moltke had to divert his armies from encircling Paris, dig trenches to protect his soldiers from the bombardment form the new artillery, and thereby negate the crux of the Schlieffen Plan, which had depended on speed, knocking out and capturing Paris in six weeks. The Germans found themselves stuck in France while the Russians had mobilized: The Germans then had to fight a war on two fronts - the very situation which the Schlieffen Plan had been devised to avoid.

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Architecture History Pyramid Paper -- Architecture Essays

Architecture History Pyramid Paper Pyramids have been around for centuries, and for over 43 centuries some pyramids have been one of the tallest land structures made by man. Throughout the many decades, pyramids have been remade using modern materials and new technologies, but it remains a myth as to how the Egyptians were able to mold such a huge land mass with their lack of technology. One of the most famous pyramids to this day are the Pyramids of Giza. The most famous of all three pyramids of Giza, is the Great pyramid of Khufu as known as Cheops. Khufu was built by the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu of the Fourth Dynasty around 2560 BC to be his burial tomb. Khufu's son Khafre, who was next in the royal line, commissioned the building of his own pyramid complex which includes the sphinxes. Menkarure, who is believed to be Khafre's son, built the third and smallest of the three pyramids at Giza. Giza however, is more than just three pyramids and the Sphinx. Each pyramid has mortuary temple and a valley temple lin ked by long causeways that were roofed and walled. The great pyramid is believed to have been built over a 20 year period. They first prepared the site, and somehow transported the blocks of stone into there correct placements. In the process of building the pyramids an outer casing was placed over the surface, which was used to smooth the surface, but disappeared over the years. Several theories suggest that ramps were constructed from the sands and the blocks were pushed or pulled into place. Others say that the blocks were placed using long lever with a short angled foot. The Great pyramid was 145.75 m (481 ft) high, which is located in Cairo, Egypt. Over the years, it lost 10m (30 ft) off its top. The ... ... since 1972. This building has so many windows that in order to wash them all, it takes at least a month. The "wings" which start at the 29th floor are necessary near the top of the pyramid to support elevators on the east side and a stairwell and smoke tower on the west side. And being that San Francisco is prone to earthquakes, the foundation consists of a steel and concrete block that sits 52 feet underground and is designed to move during earthquakes. The companies responsible for the building and designing of the Transamerica building are William L. Pereira & Associates, and other firms which also shared input, were Lowe Enterprises, Dinwiddie Construction Co., Chin & Hensolt Inc., Simonson & Simonson, Glumac International, Western Waterproofing Company of America, and Cushman & Wakefield. The total cost for the Transamerica building is around 32,000,000.

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College Education Essay

Assignment: Should a college education focus on cultivating and encouraging the imagination of students or on teaching basic facts and standards so that we all share a certain amount of common knowledge? Katherine Paterson once stated in The Spying Heart, â€Å"Our fundamental task as human beings is to seek out connections—to exercise our imaginations. It follows, then, that the basic task of education is the care and feeding of the imagination. Our task as teachers and writers, artists and parents is to  nourish the imagination—our own and that of the children entrusted to our care. † This means that our goal as human beings is to build their imagination. The the job for education is to feed the imagination. An adults job is to help the children to build their imagination. A college education should focus on cultivating and encouraging the imagination of students instead of on teaching basic facts and standards so that we all share a certain amount of common knowledge. One reason why a college education should focus on building imagination is because dreams  are stronger than facts. Albert Einstien once said, â€Å"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. † Also Robert Fulghum states in his book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten: Uncommon Thoughts On Common Things, â€Å"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death. † If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Did not dream and was based only on facts, I don’t think the United States would have been the same. This is why colleges should focus on the imagination of their students and not how much they know. Some people believe that college should solely be based off facts and knowledge. Aristotle once said, â€Å"All men desire knowledge†. But is that knowledge needed to live life. The students should learn what they are majoring in, but should also use imagination to a class or two. Remember â€Å"education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world†.

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Scott Eaton and His Sculpture

Scott Eaton The artist of this paper's five pieces of work are created and conceptualized by Scott Eaton. He is an artist and designer from the I-J and uses traditional art techniques with digital tools. What makes his work so fascinating is his knowledge of anatomy and clean use and mastery of the media. This piece is gorgeous and for it being a digital sculpt, you could hardly tell. The texturing is almost like real clay mimicking skin! It is to be acknowledged that this piece was created and rendered in only 2 days. â€Å"The digital sculpture was executed to a very tight schedule, going from start to final rendered image in two days! (Eaton ). – Something to note is that in digital media there is no gravity or real light, meaning he created his own glass, lit it himself and made the glass reflective. This was a speculative piece for the most recent Pirates movie during the preproduction phase of development. Work like this is great for establishing a baseline of what a fi lm or game will look like. There are hundreds of people which work on huge productions now a days and they need to find ways of keeping everyone's mind in the same kind of groove, making this a fine example of that taking place.The second piece is named female figure study IV, I love the neutral heavy color alter. With the presence off bit of yellow and a dark shade of blue all under this brownish grunge the piece gets a very earthy look to it. While squinting you can see that the silhouette is successful as well as the proportions and gesture is on point. All the shadows and highlights are in the right place and the flesh would feel real. The weight of the breasts and the soft dangle of the hair makes the piece soft and sensual.Take a look at the midsection right under the (stage)right arm, the shadow shows careful observation and great knowledge of how light works. It is safe to live that Scott Eaton is a consultant on anatomy and teaches advanced classes online. If you want to kn ow your figure you got to know Scott Eaton. If you still aren't impressed take a look at some of these studies he has made. The accuracy of each muscle and how the skin behaves over each muscle is truly a marvel. The man has clearly been practicing and has studied his anatomy. Scott Eaton attended Princeton University as an undergraduate majoring in both engineering and art. These two majors make a fine mix of artist and designer and later got his masters at MIT Media Lab. He would later continue his art studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. † (Eaton 1). His work shows his Italian influence. The figures he sculpts carry have a classical renaissance feel to them. As you can see in the in the photo above the man has a great understanding of anatomy as well as has a very well tuned process.Process and evidence of process is just as important as your final piece. This is simply because as an artist you are being hired for a skill for which you will be asked us e. Many people can make an amazing sculpture with time and patience, but what really sells is your ability to create and rate quickly and consistently with great results. Showing process whether it be on a blob or document will give everyone a peak into your work ethic and efficiency. In short it shows if you know what you are doing or Just happened to get lucky.Here is an example of Scoots process for his most recent design work for design festival in London. † The Venus of Cupertino, my pad docking station, is Just back from a busy week at the London Design Festival. † This piece is relevant to what was being done in class with the silicon mold and such being used. It's also a great simple and fun design. The appealing softer shapes and edges as well as smooth color and finish makes this successful. A quote was used on Scoots website, â€Å"A stylish docking station for syncing, charging and display.An evocative blend of ancient fertility symbolism and modern technolo gy worship. I want one! † (Eaton 1). The quote really says it all, this piece is an example of how multivalent this man is who's knowledge of art history, skill with a sculpt, and a mind of a designer can create things everyone can enjoy. This is Hyphenates II, if you rant familiar with Greek mythology this mythological man was the black smith for the gods. He is described as being ugly but Zeus arranged is marriage with Aphrodite who is the goddess of love, pleasure, and beauty.DRAMA, the poor guy had no chance and she would run off with different gods leaving him lonely and enraged. This sculpted shows great emotion and mood. A workers body with strong hands and a worn face. The details in the face are believable and the â€Å"meat† around the arms have weight and almost reveal a saggy inflexed arm which is impeccable observation. The single light source creates the drama and a peek into the soul of this poor ugly blacksmith. Works Cited Eaton, Scott. â€Å"Scott Eat on. † Catenation. Eaton Media Ltd, n. D. Web. 24 Feb.. 2013.

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Comparer shopping Saudi Arabia

The United States and Saudi Arabia both have their own unique way of shopping. It is not common that we in AKA are spending an hour or more in front of the computer screen looking for clothes, shoes and other personal items like furniture, cars, and audio systems.However, in the United States I think that many people like to shop online from Amazon or others companies online. First of all, based on this simple fact, I believe hat there is a difference between Saudi Arabia and the United States about how people like to shop. For instance, in Saudi Arabia there are more than ten malls in each city that has more than 10,000 people. Rather than in America, Saudi Arabia has many more place for you to buy these items like many more clothing stores, stores for shoes etc.On the other hand, I have lived in three states which include Kentucky, Texas and New York. Each city has more than 10. 000 people, but all of the cities have no more than two malls. So to me, Saudi people like to go out for shopping rather than shopping online like Americans. Secondly, there is a lot of web sites that many people in America use to find vehicles. For Instance, Internet browser sites like ‘cars. Amend scraggliest can help people shop around and search for certain cars, such as Honda, Toyota and Ionians, but In Saudi Arabia there are no web sites like that at all. So In conclusion, to me America spends much more time doing online shopping than our country where people would spend time In the malls with our family and friends. Finally, I think that everyone has their own way of shopping and which way they would Like to shop. Aimed Littoral, September, 25 14

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How are women portrayed in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”? Essay

In Arthur Miller’s â€Å"The Crucible†, we are faced with an interesting psychological question: What would happen if the lowest social rank attained power? After all, in the time of the Salem witch trials, women suffered because of their low rank and were expected to submit themselves to men. However, instead of portraying strong female figures, which combat outdated beliefs of a woman’s duty, this play casts women as weak creatures whose only access to power is through dishonesty and manipulation. Although Miller’s portrayal of women seems to fit with the prejudices against them of the time, the family-oriented women who remain honest throughout the play possess less power than the unmarried female teenagers who wantonly sentence people to death. Elizabeth Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are two of the least powerful women in The Crucible, while Abigail Williams relishes her newfound power, attained by accusing innocent citizens of practicing witchcraft. Both Elizabeth and Rebecca dutifully serve their families, and the community that ultimately betrays them. Although Elizabeth never confesses to witchcraft, only the fact that she is pregnant saves her. As the Puritan leaders would never sentence an innocent unborn baby to death, Elizabeth’s life is spared until its birth. Rebecca Nurse, on the other hand, is eventually executed despite the fact that she always presented herself as an upright, God-fearing woman. However, the honest accused were more often than not the ones who lost their lives during both this period and the McCarthy era that the book serves as a commentary on, as they were not willing to confess to a crime they did not commit. For these reasons, one could argue that Miller agreed with the misogynistic prejudices dominant in the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. Women with power only use it for evil; those suppressed by men remain good and honest. Abigail doesn’t adhere to Puritan ideals, instead following her selfish desires; she pursues and seduces Proctor, even though this is a sin for which she should be repentant, according to the Puritanical mindset of the times. The teenage girls who comprise the low social rank who come to power are surprisingly one-dimensional, seemingly driven only by their feelings. Since the play can be read as an allegory to the anti-Communist investigations during the  McCarthy era, perhaps their characters aren’t fully fleshed out because they only serve the play as â€Å"villains†, a parallel to those in the McCarthy era who accused others of being Communists. Miller simply wants to portray them as people who are motivated solely by their own selfish gain. The entire ordeal delivers a misogynistic undertone of a woman’s only interest being a man, as Abigail is willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent people to be with John Proctor. However, at the same time, it underlines the fact that people during the McCarthy era were only interested in benefitting themselves, and had no regard for the consequences of their actions. The prime example of this is Abigail Williams, a main character in the play. She resents Elizabeth Proctor, convinced she is the only thing keeping her apart from John Proctor, with whom she had a secret affair1. In fact, the events in the play are all set in motion by this hatred, as she persuades Tituba to engage in the practice of witchcraft with her and her friends and, after being discovered and accused, realizes that blaming different people of practicing witchcraft can effectively remove them from society, as this is basically a death sentence. She wields this power to deflect all blame onto Tituba and several of Salem’s other second-class citizens. 2 Once reproached by the community for rumors of her adultery, she now accuses them of a far worse sin: devil-worship. One would think this character would require a rich backstory and complex personality; Abigail’s motivation never seems to grow beyond simple jealousy of Proctor’s wife and a desire for revenge against her, with no remorse for the 19 innocent people whom she sentenced to death. Mary Warren serves as a counterpoint to Abigail. Although she causes a lot of harm and sends people to their deaths as well, she does not do so out of malice, but rather because of her weak and subservient nature. She is convinced by Abigail to participate in accusing people of practicing witchcraft, but feels guilty for causing their deaths. When Proctor is furious over the arrest of his wife, she agrees to confess to lying about her accusations, however revokes her confession when Abigail accuses Proctor of witchcraft. Mary always sides with the stronger power, too timid to oppose it, thereby both representing the weak-willed people of Salem and symbolizing the McCarthy era. Ann Putnam isn’t weak, but she is described as weak-minded, introduced as a  twisted soul of forty-five, a death-ridden woman, haunted by dreams.3 Multiple stillbirths have most likely caused this mental instability.4 While other people are trying to ascertain the identities of those involved in witchcraft, she frequently suggests names so that others can blame them, and constantly analyzes other people’s actions.5 She also causes panic through a show of fear and anxiety, as well as using false information to influence others. Lastly, Tituba is part of an even lower social rank than Abigail and her friends, as she is a house slave. Although she admits to practicing witchcraft, her fate is never revealed. This ambiguity over what happens to her emphasizes that whether these girls are witches or not is not actually important. When analyzing all major female characters, it becomes clear that Miller portrays women as behaving rashly and irrationally when they are in a powerful position. Abigail Williams uses it to eliminate enemies, only to attain the love of a man, while Ann Putnam paranoidly accuses people of witchcraft to explain the deaths of her unborn children. Worst of all is Mary Warren, who is so gutless and unable to think for herself, that she just bends to the strongest will.

Gender Dynamics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gender Dynamics - Essay Example The difference of sex and gender implies a great deal today as social reforms have transformed the world since the rule of the masculine species to a more restrained co-existing living with the feminine species. Just to draw a clear line between the two, sex refers to the biological characteristics distinguishing male and female. Sexual definition of the male and female species is characterized by their differences in the physical aspects such as chromosomes, anatomy, hormones, reproductive systems, and other physiological components. On the other hand, gender refers to the social, cultural, and psychological traits linked to males and females through particular social contexts. Therefore, sex makes people male or female while gender makes people masculine or feminine. Sex is an attributed status because a person is born with it, but gender is an acquired status because it is a learned behavior through a person’s interaction with society and culture (Lindsey 4). Citing the dif ference between sex and gender did not totally entail gender equality and societal restructuring but has largely contributed especially in behalf of the female species and all the feminists who work for the value of women in the society such as equality in all terms with men which have moved many people all over the world, not just females but as well as feminists males who believe in justice between both genders. From all the years that gender roles issues have gone through, modern day gender dynamics is an outcome of years of reforms and challenges in bringing gender equality in all aspects of the society. Despite all these changes, a question in mind still possess a degree of doubt of whether if the world has totally evolved into a society of equal co-existence and gender dynamics. Within the chapter are some readings that fall under this category. One of the readings, authored by Phyllis Chesler, talks about how gender dynamics are still biased in the modern society where everyb ody seems to be enjoying freedom and feminism seem to fail on this concept. Within the essay Chesler (231) defined the victors and pitfalls of feminism that lead to the modern day gender dynamics. According to Chesler (229), today is the time when woman can and must make a difference. Truly the world presently has well known feminine leaders, professionals, scientists, researchers, etc. that contributes as much if not more than the male counterpart. Feminism had ended gender biased injustices such as violence against women, rape, many forms of oppression and neglect directed to women and has paved way for equality in education, healthcare and workforce (Chesler 230). Today the world has more literate, productive and empowering women contributing to better outcome in economy, education and healthcare which is far from the traditional woman of the dark past who were stripped off the rights to power, to education, to freedom of choice and the right to property just assuming a secondary caring role behind the strength of a man (Chesler 230). Despite the remarkable changes gender roles leaped over the years still women are encouraged not to rest among these victories. Chesler (231) notes that gender inequality still exists in other parts of the world and the contemporary thinking has led feminism into passivity. The modern feminists are focused on sexual rights and issues of women that the movement for more significant changes for societal benefit lies behind. Today, though women can go for a man’s work same wage level is not assured. The society should be penetrated with equal gender dynamics to provide equality in all a

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The Impact of Value in Customer Relationship Management on Dissertation

The Impact of Value in Customer Relationship Management on Consultation Management Industries in Saudi Arabia - Dissertation Example The Private Sector and the Use of Consulting Services 13 2.4. Why Consultants? 16 2.5. Customer Satisfaction 18 2.6. Service Quality 19 2.6.1. Perceived Functional Value 23 2.6.2. Perceived Technical Value 25 2.6.3. Monetary Value 25 2.6.4. Emotional Value 25 2.6.5. Perceived Outcome Quality 26 2.7. Empirical Studies on Consulting Services 27 2.8. Conclusion 30 3. Methodology 3.1. Introduction 31 3.2. Research Approach 31 3.3. Research Methodology 32 3.4. Research Design 32 3.5 Respondents and Sampling Plan 34 3.6. Data Collection Procedures 34 3.7. Instrument 35 3.8. Validity and Reliability 37 3.9. Ethical Considerations 38 3.10. Method of Data Analysis 38 3.11. Methodological Limitations 39 3.12. Conclusion 39 4. Findings and Data Analysis 4.1. Introduction 40 4.2. Results 40 4.3. Discussion 65 5. Conclusions and Recommendations 5.1. Conclusions 75 5.2. Recommendations 77 Reflections 80 References 82 Appendices 89 List of Tables and Figures Figure 1. Determinants of customer satis faction 23 Results Table 1. Descriptive statistics: Outcomes of management consultancy services. 41 Table 2. Descriptive statistics: Evaluations of the quality of management consultancy services. 43 Table 3. Spearman’s rank order correlation coefficient: Company’s competitive stance vs. satisfaction and attitudes with the use of management consultancy services. 44 Table 4. Spearman’s rank order correlation coefficient: Company’s competitive stance vs. ... Frequency and percentage distribution: First engagement of management consultant services. 47 Table 8. Descriptive statistics: Attribution of outcomes because of management consultancy services. 48 Table 9. Spearman’s rank order correlation coefficient: Company’s frequency of use and experience with management consultancy services vs. satisfaction and attitudes with the use of such services. 49 Table 10. Descriptive statistics: Functional value of management consultancy services. 51 Table 11. Descriptive statistics: Emotional value of management consultancy services. 52 Table 12. Descriptive statistics: Monetary value of management consultancy services. 55 Table 13. Coefficient of determination: Value structure vs. satisfaction with current management consultant. 56 Table 14. One-way ANOVA: Value structure vs. satisfaction with current management consultant. 57 Table 15. Beta coefficients: Value structure vs. satisfaction with5 current management consultant. 58 Table 16 . Coefficient of determination: Value structure vs. outcomes of management consultancy services. 60 Table 17. One-way ANOVA: Value structure vs. outcomes of management consultancy services. 60 Table 18. Beta Coefficients: Value structure vs. outcomes of management consultancy services. 61 Table 19. Coefficient of determination: Value structure vs. evaluations of the quality of management consultancy services. 61 Table 20. One-way ANOVA: Value structure vs. evaluations of the quality of management consultancy services. 62 Table 21. Beta Coefficients: Value structure vs. evaluations of the quality of management consultancy services. 62 Acknowledgements Executive Summary The study aimed to investigate the effect of Value Creation in CRM on local management consultancy industry for finding

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Use r(which is a software) stata or excel to do the assignment

Use r(which is a software) stata or excel to do the - Assignment Example What relationship do you observe? Is this consistent with a model in which educatedlabor is a factor of production? Explain. As can be seen from the plot, the larger values in the horizontal axis are closely related to the larger values in the vertical axis. This indicates a positive association. Further there is a linear association between the data as shown by the trend line. A t-test of over 0.5 also shows that there is strong positive correlation. The strong correlation and positive relationship supports the factor that education is a factor of labor production in any country. As the education becomes strong, so does the labor production increases. As can be seen from the plot, the larger values in the horizontal axis are associated to the smaller values in the vertical axis. This indicates a negative association. Further there is a linear association between the data as shown by the trend line. A t-test of less than 0.5 also shows that there is strong negative correlation. The strong negative correlation and negative relationship supports the factor that education cannot be a factor influencing infant mortality. Even though infant mortality may increase there will is little chance for the association of the occurrence to the level of education in any given country. From the scatter plot, the larger values in the horizontal axis are associated to the larger values in the vertical axis. This indicates a positive association. Further there is a linear association between the data as shown by the trend line. A t-test of more than 0.5 also shows that there is strong negative correlation. The strong positive correlation and positive relationship supports the factor that gross domestic savings affects the level of education. A witnessed increased in domestic savings of any given country will insinuate higher level of education. As shown from the scatter plots, there is strong association between levels of education and production. First, the strong

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The importance of motivating pilots and extending layover periods Essay

The importance of motivating pilots and extending layover periods - Essay Example The years following the launching of the first commercial flights have witnessed many aircraft crashes. Some passengers have also complained of unfriendly and negative services among some crewmembers in the aviation industry the world over. Studies have revealed that a significant number of the accidents and poor services occur due to a lack of motivation and enough rest periods for crewmembers. The crewmembers end up feeling stressed with their work and feel fatigue, which add up to their ineffectiveness at work. Enough rest and proper motivation allows pilots and crewmembers to appreciate their works since they have a normal pattern of sleep, complete flight procedures, and thus, serve passengers well. Allowing flight crewmembers enough rest periods and the right motivational packages will significantly reduce the amount of flight accidents and boost the image of flight companies.Research works strongly suggest that it is important for pilots and other crewmembers to have better tr eatment and allowed enough rest periods to enable them enjoy their work and serve their passengers better. Notably, one of the effective ways of ensuring safety of aircrafts and passengers is a good treatment of employees since human factors are the leading causes of aviation accidents (Hobbs 335). There are several reasons why resting and motivation is important for the flight staff. First, resting enables flight members that operate long distance travels have a normal pattern of sleep and wake hours.

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American Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

American Politics - Essay Example Through executive branch, the President takes a role of chief partisan for a political party, and the representative of the rest of Americans citizens. Founders of the executive focused on realities involved in managing anticipations of modern presidency, which is becoming more significant and bureaucratic compared to the past. The executive branch has a vital role of monitoring the American political system. Moreover, the executive has undergone an evolution through a focus on core policymaking, thereby experiencing crucial bureaucratic extension; for instance, approximately one thousand seven hundred people constituted the institution of the presidency. On the other hand, the executive branch of the government specializes in making policies, through the help of political advisors. Therefore, the President acquires the ability to satisfy the needs of the citizens through the executive branch, thereby meeting public expectations. In addition, there are experts in the executives focus ing on national security, agriculture and mass communication. Various developments in the executive branch of the government have led to an increased power of the President in order to keep pace with increased public expectations. The executive has been functioning through basic Constitutional framework, which is developed by the government through share powers. Nonetheless, there are situations when the President fails to meet these expectations and this calls for efforts to be made through the executive to convince other political actors in other branches of the government; in this case, this nature of the executive has led to dependency of the President on action of other branches of the government. The President who is a significant element of the executive has sought assistance from numerous advisors and organization in the process of managing their duties. For instance, the vice President takes the significant role of offering advice to the President; in fact, this is stipulat ed in the Constitution. There are other parties playing the advisory role through closing personal ties with the President; for example, the former U.S President had a tendency of relying on his brother Robert, while George Bush relied on his father for advice (Bond 461). In the executive branch of the government, the presidency has taken a significant role as an organization which comprises numerous individuals. However, the significant element of presidency as an office entails vice President, cabinet and EOP; apparently, there are other people serving as executive branch, who strive in process of accessing President, though some are more frequent compared to others. Judicial Branch: Judiciary as a branch focuses on serving as an adjudicator in democratic political process; in fact, it is a more applicable way of political conflicts resolution. It focuses on ensuring that the government makes decisions that are dependable on core democratic ideology of political liberty, equity an d majority rule. Therefore, a magistrate as a division of the government emphasizes dealing with conflict resolutions, though this is not easy (Bond 550). There are situations where the judges focus on making the necessary effort to embrace and acknowledge legitimate desires of majority based on expression in the law. Moreover, the judiciary branch focuses on dealing with freedom and equity by fostering protection of liberties of minorities from being subjected to infringement.

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Justification Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Justification Report - Essay Example It is my hope and faith that this report will be useful in your decision making and that it will lead to useful development. Wal-Mart should invest in the African market and make an early entry. This will help the firm to establish itself in the market which will facilitate its future growth strategies. The African market is growing at a much higher rate than most developed economies around the world. It has also shown a thirst for retail outlets, as indicated by the massive growth of world class shopping malls. Africa is becoming the next hub of business in the global market. Although most of the countries in Africa are still underdeveloped, the rate of economic growth as well as the economic potential that these nations have are commendable (Westen, 2014). At the rate at which the African and the global economy are growing, Africa will be the next big market in the global economy (Larsen et al, 2010). The BRICS provide a good market and an opportunity for firms to grow and expand their business, unfortunately there is high competition there and they may not provide enough market for global development. Looking at most African cities indicate that there is a boom in the retail sector. For instance, many Cities in the African nations such as Nairobi are seeing massive grown in the construction of retail centers such as shopping malls. Nairobi for instance has witnessed the construction of over ten new shopping malls in the last five years. Being a retail organization, this is a massive opportunity for Wal-Mart and it should take it in time not to lose to competitors. African economies are growing at a commendable rate. Most African economies such as Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria are growing at a rate that is much higher than most European nations. Soon, these nations will provide the best opportunity for multinationals like Wal-Mart. Getting in the market as early as possible will be a great advantage for the firm. Those firms which will be able to enter

Obama Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Obama Care - Essay Example The various benefits offered by the act includes the increase in the number of people who can access healthcare, healthcare insurance coverage for those who cannot obtain coverage on their own and various other benefits. On the other hand the law has several disadvantages such as increased financial burden on employers, conflicts with religious beliefs and other negative effects. When Obama Care Act was signed into law, there were more than 32 million individuals without insurance coverage (The White House 1). Due to lack of health insurance coverage, these individuals were being charged higher prices for healthcare services and this was leading to increase in the government’s expenditure on healthcare. As a result of Obama Care Act, these individuals will be able to obtain healthcare services at discounted prices and the government spending on healthcare will even decline. The act has made it obligatory for insurance providers to include ten essential advantages in their healthcare insurance policies and these benefits would help in furthering the wellbeing of the citizens of United States. These ten benefits are to be offered on no yearly dollar limits that are levied by insurance providers. These plans should cover for care that is to be offered to those citizens who are not admitted, care for health issues that need immediate treatment or else the se issues can even lead to death, care for females who are experiencing pregnancy and care that is to be provided to the newly born children (Obamacare Facts 1). Furthermore, these benefits include coverage for all drugs that have been prescribed by physicians, coverage for therapies that help individuals recover from physical impairments such as loss of communication skills, coverage for tests that are conducted on patients in laboratories, coverage for obtaining medical treatment to prevent development of diseases and even coverage for health issues experienced by children

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Research paper on classical Composer Ludwin Von Beethoven Essay

Research paper on classical Composer Ludwin Von Beethoven - Essay Example There are different kinds of music ranging from jazz, hip hop, rock, etc. Music and musical performances adopt different forms in different cultures. For instance in Europe and in North America, the viewable types of music is divided based on high culture and low culture. The high culture type of music is mostly the Western art music like the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, solo etc. (Hermann, 1904) Examination on the origin of music indicates that the development of music stems from the natural sounds such as bird sons and the sounds of the animals. In course of time man began to imitate these sounds thus leading the way for development of music. Therefore one can state that the first musical note was man’s voice which began to perform an array of sounds. (Bruno, 1956) Further bells are striking instrument from which a musical note is obtained. The earliest instruments in music were the bells. More than 4000 years ago, the Chinese had an instrument which consisted of 16 flat stones suspended in a frame, and this produced the forth scale of exotic notes when struck by a wooden hammer. (Bruno, 1956) Over the period of time the bell was divided into the Eastern and Western direction. In the Orient the bell developed into the pot and bowl form wherein the bowl developed into the gong and the pot developed into the Chinese and Japanese barrel-formed bells. The Western civilization found the bell develop into the cup form wherein it had a clapper which stuck from inside. (Hermann, 1904) According to the Greek myth, Pan invented the first musical instrument, the shepherd’s pipe. Later man invented the wind instruments made from horns of animals. As man trained his musical sense, he began to use reeds and thus produced natural tones. Later man discovered the use of strings and invented the simple harp. Thus music developed over the centuries. (Bruno, 1956) The Romantic era, 1800-1890 found the development of music with Ludwig Van Beethoven

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A critical essay based on three scenes Essay Example for Free

A critical essay based on three scenes Essay Consider the importance of these scenes in the play as a whole. You should write about:   Dramatic effect   The language of the scenes Presentation of character   Changes in mood and tone Key themes within Romeo and Juliet are conveyed to the audience within the prologue. These themes help the audience to understand the first meeting between Romeo and Juliet and also their later meetings. Within the prologue, it is written by Shakespeare that from these two families, Romeo and Juliet are destined to fall in love; it also conveys the hatred of both families: From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossd lovers take their life. The audience has already been told that they are destined to fall in love, it is written in the stars and also are destined to take their own lives. The first impression that helps the reader to understand Romeo is that he is in love with a girl called Rosaline, however Romeo has been rejected. Consequently, Romeo feels very lonely and isolated, and he has also become depressed. This prepares the audience for his meeting with Juliet. Juliet does not come into the story until Act 1 Scene 2, where Capulet, her father, and Paris who wishes to marry Juliet are discussing her. The first impression of Juliet that the audience understands is that she is a very dutiful daughter to the Capulet family. Juliet has also become very obedient. The adults control her in her life, all of her decisions are made for her and she is protected form the outside world. These impressions tell the reader that both Romeo and Juliet are very vulnerable. Juliet has never loved anyone whereas Romeo has been depressed from falling out of love. These all lead up to Act 1 scene 5 where Romeo and Juliet meet. Romeo and Juliet are destined to meet because the servant cannot read and asks Romeo for help. Benvolio persuades Romeo to go so that he can see other woman, however destiny has facilitated Romeo and Juliets meeting. Act 1 scene 5 is the first scene is the first scene where Romeo and Juliet meet each other. There is a mascarade party within the Capulet household. This is the scene where Romeo and Juliet first kiss. Everything builds up to this scene. Firstly, the beginning of the scene shows the presentation of the characters wearing masks to cover their faces. Within this scene, when Romeo and Juliet first meet, Shakespeare changes the language, which they both speak to each other. The language used by Romeo and Juliet speak is very poetic, and also very religious, also Romeo speaks first: This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this. The layout of the way Romeo and Juliet speak is very poetic, and is also in the form of a sonnet. This quote shows that Romeo is comparing Juliet to a shrine and pilgrims: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand. This play has a strong religious base, as it shows signs of death and marriage. Religion also conveys purity and key elements within life. Romeo and Juliet both speak in a manner of a sonnet. They both speak a full stanza, and then two lines each, and then a couplet, which they both share. Juliet gains confidence as the conversation goes on. As both Romeo and Juliets responses become much shorter, they also move closer to each other ready to kiss. Within the sonnet, the use of a couplet which Romeo and Juliet both share, suggests that they are meant to be: Juliet: Saints do not move, though grant for prayers sake. Romeo: Then move not while my prayers effect I take. This couplet adds an effect that they are meant to be, love at first sight and are immediately attracted. Fate has dictated that they would die together which allows many moments of dramatic irony due to the audience already knowing that it is written in the prologue. The dramatic effect within this scene is the use of religion. Later on in the scene, dramatic irony is shown again as Juliet speaks to the nurse: My grave is like to be my wedding bed. This is dramatic irony, as the audience already knows from reading the prologue that this will come true, as it is their destiny. Act 2 scene 2 is the second meeting where Romeo and Juliet meet. This is one of the most famous scenes in Romeo and Juliet, and also the most romantic scenes in the history of drama. This is the balcony scene where the destined lovers engage in a very poetic and romantic conversation. The mood and tone of this scene is built up by romantic conversation, firstly, Romeo speaking aloud. Romeo dominates this scene, as he is the one who pursues her. He begins the conversation in the opening of the scene. This whole scene is devoted to Romeo and Juliets interaction. Romeo sees light in the window of the balcony, and uses a metaphor to compare Juliet to the sun: It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Romeo compares Juliet to the sun, as light is essential for everyone to survive, as Juliet is essential for Romeo to live. Light is eternal and it shows security and warmth. It is also very pure. Again, within this scene, religion is used to convey Juliets innocence: As is a winged messenger of heaven. Romeo compares Juliet to an angel, which shows love, purity and innocence. Within this scene, Romeo is very poetic, whereas Juliet is pragmatic: If they do see thee, they will murder thee. This shows that Juliet is aware of the consequences that will befall Romeo if he is caught. Within this scene Juliet is very nervous and feels very insecure: Dost thou love me? I know thou wilt say Ay. This quote shows that Juliet feels herself very insecure and questions Romeo about their love. In the scene, Romeo uses a variety of techniques to declare her love: I should adventure for such merchandise. Romeo uses this to persuade Juliet and shows exaggerated devotion towards her. Juliet also changes during the course of the scene. In touch, fair Montague, I am too fond. Juliet uses an epithet- fair Montague which shows that she has had a change in confidence. Juliets perception of Romeo is that he is fair and kind. Romeo gives Juliet his reassurance of their love: Thexchange of thy loves faithful vow for mine. This quote shows that Romeo wants her love. In this scene dramatic irony is introduced again: And the place death, considering who thou art, If any of my kinsmen find thee here. This quote shows that Juliets family will come after Romeo if they find him here, Tybalts violent threats earlier in the play increase the tension. Juliet switches the conversation to where they will next meet: I have no joy of this contract tonight. Once Juliet is sure Romeo is in love with her, she needs a sense of future security whereas Romeo continues to be romantic and live for the moment. Act 3 scene 5 is the third and final scene which Romeo and Juliet are presented to the audience alive. Between Act 2 scene 2 to this scene, Shakespeare has added violence to contrast with love. This is so that the audience can anticipate the tragedy as it builds up tension towards the death scene. Within this scene, the mood has changed from previous scenes where Tybalt has been killed, and Capulet insisting on Juliet marrying Paris, the tension has lifted. Juliet opens the scene, which shows that she is more confident now. Juliet is very poetic: It was the nightingale, and not the lark. Juliet is playing with Romeo, teasing him and with the use of romantic imagery she is trying to persuade Romeo to stay with her. Within this scene Romeo and Juliet speak equally, feeling both equally confident. Most of what Juliet is saying is that she wants him to stay longer, due to his banishment: Therefore stay yet, thou needst not to be gone. This quote shows Juliets insecurity, she needs to feel his devotion. Romeo replies to this question: I have more care to stay than will to go. This response is what Juliet wants to hear to feel his devotion and reassurance of their love. Within this scene, due to Juliet feeling confident, she once again becomes pragmatic: It is, it is, hie hence, be gone, away! . There is again also dramatic irony in this scene: More light and light, more dark and dark our woes! This illustrates that there future is very bleak, becoming depressing as the day goes on. Juliet feels her life is Romeo: Then, window, let day in, and let life out. There is another case of dramatic irony when Romeo and Juliet speak: O thinkst thou we shall ever meet again? . These words are said in innocence but the audience suspect that this will be the last time they are together alive: From these three scenes we can come to a conclusion that Romeo and Juliets relationship was set to end in tragedy, which was their destiny. There relationship dramatically changed over the course of five days. The three scenes in which Romeo and Juliet interact all lead up to the tragic ending. The intensity of their love propelled them forward to a tragic end. Over the course of their love the audience can observe that Juliet is becoming more confident in her love for Romeo. Their seemingly desperate need for each other blinds them from behaving rationally. Their love shows intensity which shows that they were meant to be, as together as one soul. Fate and destiny has made them fall in love and also takes their lives.