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Learning And Communicating Online Education Essay

Learning And Communicating Online Education Essay The purpose of this paper was to express the extent of agreement with collaborative learning approaches. Thorough research on the subject of collaboration and the methods that are implemented by educators proved that there are more positives than negatives. This paper delves deep into the information that was discovered along the journey. The information contained within will help to prove that collaboration is a valuable tool for learning. This paper focuses on the importance of teaching students from a young age to work in collaboration with their peers. It shows that there is a wealth of information for students of all ages to learn from one another while participating collaboratively. It also points out the importance of working in groups to build on a students social, management and inquisitive skills. Collaboration will assist students in building upon the knowledge that they already have. Like all things in life, for every positive there is a negative and this report also covers a few of those negative points. Learning environments have changed progressively over the past 10 years. Continued use of antiquated methods, of instruction is harming students, and not allowing students to explore their full potential. The traditional whole class approach to education has outgrown its usefulness. Whole class instruction was a product of the industrial revolution to provide education to the masses (Shachar 2005). Years ago, the path to higher education was something that people undertook in their younger years, now higher education is something that is carried out by people of all ages and backgrounds. There is an assortment of training options available now to anybody that wants to further their education. They include; traditional on campus (full or part time), work based training (apprenticeship / traineeship), or an online degree (with no physical contact hours at all). Education has ventured out of the class room and into the virtual world. This change in educational venue has also seen the way that students are encouraged to learn develop. With the evolution of education, has come the growing interest in online degrees. The way that students participate with others while undertaking these online degrees, is collaboratively over the internet. Collaboration is a key to achieving goals. Because it allows students to build on knowledge they already possess, by interacting with other students. It is a way to receive feedback from their peers and educator in a less formal way than within the classroom. Although there are negatives to collaboration, according to the research conducted, the positives outweigh the negatives. Students learn how to interact in a professional manner within their learning groups and they build on their social and management skills. Collaborative learning can be defined as an instructional method in which students work together in small groups towards a common goal. Co-operative learning is defined as a structured form of group work where students pursue common goals but are assessed individually. Co-operative learning can be encompassed within the definition of collaborative learning (Prince 2013). Collaboration implemented in the early years of learning builds a foundation for success, both at school and in life. It can provide a positive attitude towards school and learning. Collaboration also teaches students how other people think (Battistich, Watson 2005), and build a set of skills that will be useful throughout their school years and into their careers. Co-operative learning reduces the gap between students, it has been found to provide significant support to students who are slow learners (Shachar 2005). Through collaboration, students are interacting with others from different backgrounds and learning abilities. The diversity that students are faced with is of particular benefit to their learning (McWhaw et al. 2005). Collaboration provides students with the opportunity to verbalise their thoughts and to analyse other peoples ideas. These thoughts facilitate understanding through cognitive restructuring on those who teach learn the most. Group members not only capitalise on the interaction between themselves and their peers but they learn how to problem solve by participating in the groups collective thoughts (Terwel 2005). Students find that when receiving feedback from their peers throughout their educational journey, that their learning experience is enriched. They feel as though they have a better knowledge of the information that has been presented to them and that their retention levels of new subject matter are greater. Collaboration represents an interaction where students are given more power over their learning than traditional methods (McWhaw et al. 2005). It is a method, in which students are their own time keepers. Students are able to invest as much time as they feel is necessary to achieve their goals. A common way of teaching students to work collaboratively is to assign them to groups to work through a problem. Groups have a greater potential to solve complex problems in challenging contexts, they bring more knowledge, skill and experience to the work than any individual could (Hackman, 2011). When working in small groups, there are various methods that can be utilised to help establish a sense of community and interaction between students. These include; case studies, role-playing, debates and threaded discussions (Lou, Macgregor 2004). For groups to be successful, the students must have a set plan of action. They need to allocate tasks to individual group members, and know that the task will be completed. A specific skill set should be utilised by the students to ensure that they are benefitting from the group sessions. Students will need to show that they are able to be open, have good leadership (able to follow instructions as well as give them), be inquisitive (ask for clarification from other group members regarding information provided by them) and show that they have good judgement (Bosworth 1994). With the development of social media and other online mediums, it has been increasingly easier for educators to set collaborative tasks for students. Online mediums such as BlackboardTM, Adobe Connect and Collaborate are integral parts of educator controlled collaboration. Weekly tasks are posted to blackboard for completion by the students. The activities ask for members of the group to actively participate in posting the answers to the said activity, and to provide feedback on a post, or to ask a question of fellow students. Adobe Connect and Collaborate are two programs that work in similar ways. They both provide an online platform for lectures / tutorials. These sessions are held by educators in regards to assignments and instructional information; they are beneficial for students to attend. It allows them the opportunity to ask real time questions of their peers and educator in relation to the information that is being presented. There is also the opportunity to ask any relevant questions in relation to the subject, and to be provided with an answer on the spot from a peer or educator. Social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter) are morphing into new channels for collaboration and innovation. They are increasingly tapping into the collaborative mindset in ways that continue to evolve (Moore, Neely 2011). Take students at Swinburne University for example. They have set up Facebook groups (which are independent from the university) for subjects that are offered by Swinburne. Students from a subject are welcome to join the particular group for the said subject. Within these groups, students have contact with other students who are studying the same subject, but may be from a different online learning group. These subject groups on Facebook are a wealth of knowledge. The students ability to be able to ask a question or an opinion from a myriad of students, gives them access to a broader knowledge base. Students within these groups also share information that they think may be of benefit to other students. As a result of questioning the effectiveness of collaboration in approaches to learning, it was found that there are negatives with collaborative learning. It has been noted that students feel as though greater involvement by all students within their online groups would make weekly activities more relevant to their studies. Collaboration is only as good as the involvement of students. If activities are only completed by a few students, then the benefits of the activity are going to be low. The greater the involvement, the more beneficial it is going to be. As the collaborative process is still evolving, there will always remain an element of unpredictability within the group environment. Students may find it hard to overcome their learning style that is their mindset. Some may find it easier to work alone and others may rebel and refuse to work with individuals within the group (Banerjee 2012). It was found that those who are rebellious are more likely to be high achieving students. These students do not want their grades to be effected by other students (Shachar 2005). Students working within groups may feel as though they are the ones doing the heavy lifting. There could be students within the group that do not contribute as much as other students. The act of not performing up to scratch is commonly referred to as social loafing. The challenge with groups is to identify what it takes for groups to exploit their considerable potential while avoiding the dysfunctions that await the unwary (Hackman, 2011). In conclusion, thorough research was conducted on the subject of collaborative approaches to learning. While carrying out the research for this paper, it became quite clear from the outset that there are more positives in relation to collaboration than negatives. When students collaborate, they are interacting with people from different backgrounds and learning abilities. Research showed that the implementation of collaborative exercises in the early years of a students education assisted them in gaining a positive attitude to learning, and to build a foundation for success in both school and life. One of the most common ways of collaboration in an online medium is to place the students in small learning groups. The communication that happens in these collaborative groups, gives students the opportunity to verbalise their thoughts, ask questions of their fellow group members and analyse other peoples ideas. Students that work within these groups, have the ability to solve more complex problems within a quicker time period. Social media and other online mediums have contributed to the accessibility of collaboration for students. Not only are online sessions set by educators for the students to attend, but there is a greater occurrence of student led collaboration through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter. This new age in technology will continue to evolve at an unprecedented pace in the future, bringing with it more ways for students to enhance their learning experience. Research showed that there are negatives in relation to collaboration. There is an element of unpredictability with the group environment. Students working within these groups may feel as though they are contributing more than others. Some students find that it is easier to work alone (their learning style dictates this), while others may be rebellious and refuse to work with members of the group. The contributing factor to this theory is that high achieving students do not want their grades to be effected by the work carried out amongst the group. Students also feel as though a larger contribution from all students in their online groups would be of greater benefit. The old adage of more is better, is correct in this instance. With the involvement of only a few, there isnt as much information to be absorbed by the students. Once again, in conclusion the research carried out in relation to this paper, has proven that collaboration is important to learning.

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To Ban or Not to Ban?

Mariah Smyth English II Honors Holzberger 11 May 2012 To Ban or Not to Ban? Give me literature or give me death. Why stand we here idle? What is that gentlemen wish? What would they want? Is it text so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of the chains of censorship? Forbid it, almighty god! I know not what course others might take; but ask me give me literature, or give me death! (Parody of â€Å"Speech to the Virginia Convention†). For centuries people have been reading books to gain knowledge and to be entertained (Introductory Assignment Sheet).Kurt Vonnegut did a magnificent job writing a piece threaded with compassion of a tragic historical event leaving behind a conspicuous moral statement. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut should not be removed from shelves, because the book is eye-opening especially for young adults who are soon to enter the real world and become our future. Certain groups decided to challenge harsh reality of the truth written into an educational and humorous read. A school’s board article stated, â€Å"We’re not making a judgment call on if the book is good or bad, we just want to make sure it’s age appropriate† (School board removes 2 books from school).This is NOT an arguable reason considering Billy Pilgrim, the main character in Slaughterhouse-Five, went into war at the age of sixteen. The book states the facts. Vonnegut argues that war is inhumane. This IS arguable and negotiable; war is deceitful and tears apart homes. Educational supervisors are trying to ban a book that is making children aware of the gruesome effects of war, and warnings to create a more diplomatic world. Vonnegut served in World War II first handedly and wanted to stress the anxiety war puts upon people.While being a veteran, â€Å"Vonnegut once knew the comfort of such a community and home life, and knew also the feeling of having them wrenched away† (Twentieth-Century Writers 1950-1990). His goal in Slaughterhouse-Five was to create a third world era where â€Å"Tralfamadorians,† or aliens, known as the enemy took over and demonstrated manifestations of the immaturity of human species for creating war. Vonnegut’s Dresden bombing in literature explained that, â€Å"In the aftermath they were assigned the task of carrying out dead bodies from the ruins.The descriptions of the removal of the bodies are particularly gruesome reminders of the insanity† (Dresden bombing in literature). Vonnegut wanted a moral vision of war cutting social community. After being kidnapped by the extraterrestrial Tralfamadorians he attempted to find peace and learned that the only secret of life is to live only in the happy moments. His embellished comparison to overcoming a tragedy was an honorable mention for young readers. It helps them realize war is unacceptable along with everything that comes with it.In addition, Vonnegut wanted someone to, â€Å"tell him the secret so he can take it back to Earth and save us all: How can a planet live at peace? † (Kurt Vonnegut). Vonnegut stated this in Slaughterhouse-Five meaning war should not be believed to take place on Earth. When coming back from his third world era, â€Å"war,† he thought it would be different, but everything came back with him. Therefore, when young adults read Slaughterhouse-Five they will fathom the idea wars resolve nothing and to create world peace for our future.Also respect everyone who has and is serving in war learning the truth and unpleasant effects. However, you may argue war is still an issue today and the book is not age appropriate considering it is anti-war and putting horrid images in young reader’s mind. Overall, the book is reality and history. You cannot feed your children lies and candy coat everything. If Billy Pilgrim was capable of entering war at the age of sixteen, young adults are capable of facing the truth and forming opinions for themse lves.Vonnegut wanted to leave behind a message, â€Å"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change courage to change the things I can and wisdom to always tell me the difference† (Kurt Vonnegut). We cannot change what has already happened, but we can prevent it from happening again. Slaughterhouse-Five sets a good example and should not be banned. Works Cited Quinn, Edward. â€Å"Dresden bombing in literature. † History in Literature: A Reader's Guide to 20th Century History and the Literature it Inspired. New York: Facts On File, Inc. , 2008. Modern World History Online. Facts On File, Inc. ttp://www. fofweb. com/activelink2. asp? ItemID=WE53;iPin=HIL056;SingleRecord=True  (accessed April  30,  2012). Verde, Tom. â€Å"Vonnegut, Kurt. † Twentieth-Century Writers 1950–1990, American Profiles. New York: Facts On File, Inc. , 1996. (Updated 2007. ) American History Online. Facts On File, Inc. http://www. fofweb. com/activelink2. asp? ItemID=WE52;iPin=ffap20w20005;SingleRecord=True  (accessed April  30,  2012). Oakes, Elizabeth H. â€Å"Vonnegut, Kurt. † American Writers, American Biographies. New York: Facts On File, Inc. , 2004. (Updated 2007. ) American History Online.Facts On File, Inc. http://www. fofweb. com/activelink2. asp? ItemID=WE52;iPin=AW237;SingleRecord=True  (accessed April  30,  2012). â€Å"School board removes 2 books from school†. Copyright 2011 United Press International, Inc. (UPI). U. S. Government Online. Facts On File, Inc. http://www. fofweb. com/activelink2. asp? p=details. aspx;ItemID=WE36;iPin=UPI-1-20110726-160202-bc-us-bookban-crn;SingleRecord=True  (accessed April  30,  2012). â€Å"Freedom Readers Assignment Sheet. † 4 May 2010. Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughterhouse-Five. New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 19991. Print. |   |

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Child Development and Security - 1900 Words

Developmental psychology is the scientific study of change that occurs in human growth throughout the lifespan. Childhood is an important time of tremendous change, human beings continue to grow and develop during early adulthood, middle age, and senior years. In this assignment child development at different stages, relevant theories, clinical observations witnessed by the author and how parental mental health can effects child-rearing will be discussed. Child development refers to the biological, psychological and emotional developments that occur in human beings from birth to the end of adolescence hood, as these individuals progress from dependency to increasing autonomy. According to Deville (2012) the developments that are vital for a child to achieve are physical, emotional, social, educational and cognitive developments. The development of children is considered vital in today’s world as it is important to understand the development of these areas and how they are related to one another. As a child grows in one area, this will effect and influence the development of another area in the children’s lives. These areas are crucial in development as they focus on the child as a whole. A child’s rate of development is as unique as the child itself meaning that each child develops differently while being influenced by physical, emotional, social, educational and cognitive factors they experience daily. A childs p arents are the most important factors in their developmentShow MoreRelatedInfant Attachment Essay1434 Words   |  6 Pagesattachment is the first relationship a child experiences and is crucial to the child’s survival (BOOK). A mother’s response to her child will yield either a secure bond or insecurity with the infant. Parents who respond â€Å"more sensitively and responsively to the child’s distress† establish a secure bond faster than â€Å"parents of insecure children†. (Attachment and Emotion, page 475) The quality of the attachment has â€Å"profound implications for the child’s feelings of security and capacity to form trusting relationships†Read MoreFamily Conflicts And Child Social Development1481 Words   |  6 PagesToronto PSY311H1 Summer 2017 Social Development Instructor: Hali Kil Research Proposal Family conflicts and child social development ï ¿ ¼Student Name: U of T Student ID: Date of submission: WONG Yuk Lun Anthony 1002162072 June 7, 2017 1. Introduction The aim of this study is to examine whether family conflicts affect child social development. According to one of the famous studies done by Albert Bandura, it shows that when adult acts violently towards the Bobo doll, the child will imitate the behavior accordingRead MoreThe Social Welfare And Import Trade Of Britain And China1322 Words   |  6 Pagesconsequences of the differences. In recent years, the import and export trade has been one of the factors of the rapid economic development of many countries, by increasing the production inputs, labour inputs and technology investment, and promoting economic development. At the same time, with the continuous development of economy, countries ensure the harmonious development of society by continuously improving the country s social welfare system, solving the problem of living in certain groups. ChinaRead MoreAttachment Theory As A Framework For Understanding Interpersonal And Emotional Outcomes Of Adults1442 Words   |  6 Pagestheory also creates, an understanding of how parent relationships, affects a child’s early physiological development throughout adult-hood. In the past, research done on father -child relationships, has generally, focused on the attachment the child develops, when the father is absent in the child’s early stages of development. In my research, I found recent studies, perfor med on father-child relationships, and how secure attachment bonds are developed, when the father is not only present, but positivelyRead MoreThe Theory Of The Attachment Theory1268 Words   |  6 Pagesâ€Å"Strange Situation† study named include secure, anxious avoidant, anxious ambivalent, and disorganized styles (Herbers, 2014). The attachment needs beginning from birth onward are important for optimum attachment with a caregiver and future security of the child into adulthood. Many factors of a child’s early caregiver experience create the style of attachment whether a family member, foster parent, or institutional caregiver. This desire for attachment can also relate to our spiritual walk throughRead MoreInfluence Of The Early Bonds Created By Parents And Their Children914 Words   |  4 Pagesemotional development and its direct relationship with future behavioral issues. Numerous studies have shown the existing links between early security and insecurity in the early relationships formed by the child, and future outcomes in his teenage and adult behaviors. Nonetheless, most of these studies have not considered the effects of early attachment between the child and the individual parent. That is, there are very few studies which have concentrated their research in the mother-child interactionRead MoreJohn Bowlby s Influence On Children s Development840 Words   |  4 Pagesthe foundation when determining the attcahments and bonds that a child and parent may experience (Webb, 2011). According to Bowlby, â€Å"attachment† is referring to a lasting, mutual bond of affection that is dependent on an individual or more than one person (Webb, 2011). Establishing a secure attachment during infancy and early childhood is an important task of a parent or a caregiver. Not all parents or caregivers can provide their child with a secure attachment at this important in life due to variousRead MoreJohn Bowlby s Work Of Attachment873 Words   |  4 Pagesworks when determining the level of attachments and bonds that a child and parent may experience (Webb, 2011). According to Bowlby, â€Å"attachment† is referring to a lasting, mutual bond of affection that is dependent on an individual or more than one person (Webb, 2011). Establishing a secure attachment during infancy and early childhood is an important task of a parent or a caregiver. Not all parents or caregivers can provide their child or children with a secure attachment at this important in lifeRead MoreSocial Security1185 Words   |  5 PagesADM653: SOCIAL SECURITY AND EMPLOYEE BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION TOPIC: DEVELOPMENT OF SOCIAL SECURITY IN UNITED STATES PREPARED BY: AFIQAH BINTI MAD KASSIM 2013455736 ALIA ATIQQAH BINTI ADENAN 2013 FIQRIN HANIS BINTI ROSLI 2013488894 INTAN SURAIYAH BINTI RAMAT 2013460818 NUR AMILY BINTI ZAINUDDIN 2013439594 GROUP: S3BA5G (SEPT 2015) PREPARED FOR: SIR SUHAIMI BIN ABD SAMAD SUBMISSION DATE: 13 OCTOBER 2015 1.0 Introduction United States Social Security AdministrationRead MoreShould Child Abduction Be A Valuable Parenting Support? Essay901 Words   |  4 PagesIn reviewing your suggested app, â€Å"Security Alert,† I felt your proposal was worth considering. With forty-percent of surveyed Americans feeling unsafe walking at night, this app could aid in reducing the anxieties associated with this fear as pointed out in your proposition (Sadd, 2011, para. 6). Furthermore, with three-fourths of surveyed parents stating that child abduction was a fear that they held and one-third of these parents admitting it was a worry that affected them frequently, this app

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Should Public School System Be Mandatory Uniform Policy

School Uniforms Sarah Chaudhry SOC 1020-090 University of Utah Fall 2015 Abstract: Unfortunately, public school has become less about education and more about being fashion forward. As a society, there is definitely a higher tendency for people to judge a person’s entire personality solely on what and how they are dressed. The desire to have the latest trending clothes is in far greater demand than to have the highest grades. As a result many issues such as vandalism, bullying, sexual harassment, and even death have emerged into the public school system. Large numbers of students meet fail to abide by the dress code requirements while others requirements blatantly ignore school dress code policy As a result of this, multiple issues such as vandalism, sexual harassment, gangs, and bullying have been engulfed in the public school system. For this reason, I think that all public school systems should mandate a uniform policy because it helps lesson violence, allow students to experience a healthier learning atmosphere, and meet school regulations. Main Body: One of the reasons why parents are mandated to take their children to school is so that the future of this country will be educated and better equipped to handle the challenges they will face in life, furthermore this can only be accomplished if the students have a safe environment to concentrate on their studies. Students cannot be constantly worrying about their own safety, because they will not be able toShow MoreRelatedSchool Uniforms939 Words   |  4 Pagesover mandatory school uniforms is a raging topic in our country. Proponents of school uniforms conclude that there are many potential benefits to mandatory school uniforms, while opponents heartily challenge their claims. Potential benefits include: socioeconomic equalization, reduction in student violence and theft, restriction of gang activity, and improved focus in classrooms. Although these benefits would vastly improve our public education system, there is no clear evidence that school uniformsRead MoreEssay on The History of School Uniforms in the United States1218 Words   |  5 Pageshistory of school uniforms in the United States public schools begins with small underprivileged school of Cherry Hill Elementary in Maryland and the domino effect that happened soon after in the years after. The popularity of school uniforms can greatly be credited to the Long Beach, California study and President Bill Clinton’s speech on the topic. At first, school uniforms were only for the private or Catholic private schools however the school uniform trend spread to other public schools to adoptRead MoreSchool Uniforms Should Not Be Mandatory847 Words   |  4 PagesSchool systems have debated for years if they should make school uniforms mandatory for all students. Some parents do not want school systems to mandate uniforms due to pressure from their children to be able to maintain their individuality through clothing, while other parents prefer uniforms to reduce spending money on name br and school clothes and to minimize associations with gangs. More school systems across the United States of America are going to uniforms from grades one through twelve whereRead MoreSchool Uniforms1566 Words   |  7 Pagesfor School Uniforms A safe and structured learning environment is the first requirement of a good school. Children who feel safe and secure will better learn basic American values. In return they will learn the basis of good citizenship and become better students. In response to growing levels of violence in our schools, many parents, teachers, and school officials have been forced to look toward school uniforms as one potentially positive way to reduce discipline problems and increase school safetyRead MoreEssay on Implementing Uniforms In School is The Right Thing To Do1563 Words   |  7 PagesThe argument whether uniforms should be allowed in school has been debated over the last few decades. Implementing a uniform policy within schools would help reduce the rise of violent crimes. In todays high schools, too many innocent youths become fatalities due to gang warfare that has spread into the school system. Many parents feel that if a uniform policy was implemented the spread of gang warfare and t he idea children have to have name brand clothing would decrease drastically. However othersRead MoreSchool Uniforms Should Be Required For Their Freedom Of Expression1548 Words   |  7 PagesSchool uniforms were first introduced in England, in the 16th century. In the beginning it was only for charity purposes, but clothing started to have a different meaning throughout the centuries. The early purposes of wearing school uniforms were not much different than that of today’s. Same clothing can represent togetherness and may also help students no to get distracted. This research paper will take a closer look at why schools should mandate such a policy, supported by details and statisticsRead More Implementing Uniforms into Schools Essay1679 Words   |  7 PagesImplementing Uniforms into Schools The argument whether uniforms should be implemented in school has been debated over the last few decades. By implementing a uniform policy within schools would help reduce the rise of violent crimes. In today’s high schools, too many innocent youths become fatalities due to gang warfare that has spread into the school system. Many parents feel that if a uniform policy was implemented , the spread of gang warfare and the idea that children have to have name brandRead MoreThe Effects Of Social Media On Education1657 Words   |  7 PagesOur educational system has changed quite drastically. It is no longer just a place where one goes to learn Arithmetic, English, and Penmanship. It has evolved into something much more complex than that. The challenges our Educators are experiencing today are far more different than the ones they faced ten years ago. Technology has introduced some valuable tools that has vastly improved the way school administrators and parents are educating the ir children, but this type of advancement came with someRead More Uniforms in Schools Essay541 Words   |  3 PagesUniforms in Schools School uniforms in public schools are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. The public school system would benefit greatly if this policy were to be adopted. Opposition is always a factor when trying to make changes. Taking all things into consideration, the positive effects would be far greater than the negative effects. School uniforms should be required in public schools because their use would lead to higher education, less violence, and lower cost to parentsRead MoreWhy we need dress codes, argumentative essay MLA.1452 Words   |  6 PagesSchools Need Dress Codes Dress codes in public schooling have recently been a controversial issue nation-wide. Mandatory uniform policys measures and emphasize the benefits of students on specific behavioral and academic outcomes. The arguments for the issue are just as strong as those against the issue. There are two main points surrounding school uniforms: performance and school and reduction of violence due to uniformity. Uniforms are argued to positively affect student safety by: lowering